Following Rick Thomas And His Magic To The Edge Of His Dreams

By DW Grant

rick thomas magician las vegas

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  • Follow Magician Rick Thomas to the edge of his dreams just for the thrill of it. Its more fun than just another magic show. It’s a trip into a world of imagination and the very art of dreaming itself.

    First there are white 500 pound tigers roaring across the stage, birds appearing as singles and doubling into pairs before your eyes, napkins turning into birds, and girls turning into tigers. It’s a classic show full of disappearing motorcycles, beautiful women being levitated and sawn in half, old silver ring tricks, and even some great card tricks. But wait, there’s more!

    Suddenly the music comes up and Rick is ballroom dancing with his assistants. Wait, I thought Rick Thomas was just a magician? Well, why not dance since his mother and father spent their lives as dancers and Ballroom dance judges? Rick started his dance career at 5 and was twice crowned US Junior Ball Room champion. It’s a strange mix of two worlds, but somehow it works with the magic, like when he plops a blond wig on a microphone stand, levitates it, and waltzes ‘her’ around his dance floor.

    rick thomas magician las vegas

    Then he brings children into his dream world and on to the stage. A boy levitates a female assistance he has just hypnotized, and then is offered a DVD teaching him how to make is parents disappear. A little girl flies a table around the stage and then is told “The future belongs to those who believe in the strength of dreams.” Rick gives her a small round box to store the magic and her dreams in.

    Oh yes, and don’t miss Rick’s “Amazing Shrinking Tiger” trick. It’s how magic should be done.

    The show lasts more than a hour but really, like most great adventures, it’s over too soon. Rick tells me after the show, while greeting his guests, “The audience has to find out who I am in only an hour.” I think he accomplished that trick. Rick Thomas is a charming, classic and imaginative magician offering an original program well worth the time and the moderate price of admission demanded by the Hotel. His show is worthy of any Las Vegas theater and one you may not soon forget, especially in your dreams.

  • Rick Thomas Las Vegas Tickets

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