Show Review: Absinthe

by Erika Bayer-Polak

Absinthe, Las Vegas, show, Caesars Palace

As soon as you enter the tent in front of Caesars Palace, the peculiar carny atmosphere initiates the sneaking suspicion that ?Absinthe? is not your standard fair.

One of the finest characteristics of ?Absinthe? is that it is difficult to pin down; it is a true variety show complete with acrobats, dancers, tightrope walkers, and singing. While there is something for everyone, being prudish will most certainly thwart your enjoyment.

Seeing that it is an 18-and-over show, not much is deemed sacred throughout the performance and certainly not a show for those with timid ears. But it works, and works well.

Absinthe, Las Vegas, show, Caesars Palace

The Gazillionaire, with his trademark ruffle shirt and 70?s suit, and his assistant, Penny Pibbets, have some debauched comedy routines that touch on just about all of our remaining taboos. The parodies seemed to be among the audience favorites, particularly a supposedly sensual dance performed by a couple whose skills are purposely debatable. On the other hand, there is a roller-skating routine that only came to fruition with such dedication and precision that it is genuinely astonishing, at the same time slightly frightening to those sitting in the first row.

The tent looks like it could have housed a vaudeville act of yesteryear, complete with kitschy wall d?cor and simple folding chairs surrounding the 9-foot circular stage. While the majority of the seating is general admission, the size and arrangement of the tent helps to ensure that everyone has a decent view of the stage.

While it may seem thoughtless not to mention each individual act, it is best to settle into ?Absinthe? with little knowledge of the specifics. However, do not let your excitement and anticipation be dampened, because it will undoubtedly make for an entertaining night.

Absinthe, Las Vegas, show, Caesars Palace, Angel Porrino

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