Show Review: American Storm – No One Is Safe From Their Flirtatious Moves

by Sarah Jane Woodall

American Storm Male Review

Girls? Night Out is a classic Vegas tradition. Whether it be a bachelorette party, divorce party, or birthday party ? or just because you and your girlfriends feel like getting wild ? Vegas is the perfect city in which to unleash your inner bad girl. You wanna drink? We?ve got bars. You wanna dance? We?ve got nightclubs. But even more important than either of those… if you wanna ogle some half-naked beefcake, we?ve got you covered there, too!

American Storm dancersAmerican Storm at the Plaza offers the perfect opportunity for a group of girls to go out, get crazy, and behave in a most unladylike manner. Five buff, all-American studmuffins dance, tease and undress right before your eyes ? and your eyes will be in heaven, feasting on these prime specimens! Rippling biceps, washboard abs, tight butts… go ahead, stare all you want ? this is your night to be a bad girl.

The showroom at the Plaza, where American Storm performs, is on the small side ? so every seat is a good one. Plus, the guys move freely around the room, coming down into the crowd to tease and titillate at every opportunity. No one is safe from their flirtatious moves ? watch out! You might think you?re safe, sitting there staring into your daiquiri in the corner… but trust me, the boys will find you, and lavish a little attention on you, too. And be advised, if you?re not careful, they?ll drag you onstage (there is a LOT of audience participation in this show) and pantomime crazy unmentionable acts as your girlfriends look on, screaming in delight. It?s a riot!!

Even if you?re not into ogling beefcake, just watching the CROWD is a show of its own. I laughed so hard throughout the show, it felt like I?d done a thousand sit-ups ? it was priceless. Shrieking bachelorettes, fiercely blushing birthday girls, giggling grandmas… everyone loved the amorous attentions of the five studs prowling through the audience.

American Storm dancers

American Storm is basically a low-rent version of the Chippendales, but this just makes it all the more intimate and fun. And without all the big crazy production values, you can focus on what?s really important ? the beef! And as the flyer says, this is 100% USDA prime beef! The show gets borderline dirty, but never crosses the line into seedy ? the guys always keep it fun. You can tell they really enjoy interacting with the audience ? they even come out for a meet-n-greet after the show, and (for a fee) you can take photos with your favorite beefcake. Although depending on how badly behaved you were during the show, you might not want a photo ? after all, isn?t what happens in Vegas supposed to stay in Vegas?!

American Storm dancer on top of girl

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