Show Review: Anthony Cools – Good, clean dirty fun like nothing you?ve ever seen

by Sarah Jane Woodall

Anthony CoolsHypnotism ? it?s not just for quitting smoking anymore! Long recognized as an effective way to tap into the human subconscious for practical reasons, the art of hypnotism has lately been co-opted by pranksters. Some devilish genius figured out that it?s just as easy (and much more fun) to hypnotize people for impractical reasons ? and the next thing you know, a cottage industry was born. These days, there are several comedy hypnotists playing their trade on the Vegas Strip?the best-known of which is Anthony Cools.

What sets Cools apart from the competition? His rakishly smarmy charm, of course! Other comedy hypnotists might be more family-friendly or wholesome in appearance, but?come on! Did you really come to Vegas to see family friendly?! I didn?t think so! At the Anthony Cools show, you?ll see women humping chairs and talking to their privates… all triggered by the ?suggestions? of dissolute ringmaster Cools. It?s good, clean dirty fun ? and like nothing you?ve ever seen. Be prepared to laugh A LOT!

At the start of the show, Cools asks for volunteers. Anyone who wants to can come onstage and take one of the twenty or so seats provided, and once all the seats are filled, the lights are dimmed and Cools begins his hypnotic spiel, putting the volunteers into a deep trance. As the show goes on, Cools tests his volunteers to see how deeply hypnotized they are, and weeds out the resistant ones until he?s left with a dozen or so truly, deeply hypnotized subjects. And that?s when the fun starts!

Over the next hour or so, Cools offers ?suggestions? to his crew of volunteers ? making them believe they?re doing and experiencing things that clearly aren?t really happening. Most of these suggestions are of an adult nature ? he has little old ladies believing they are auditioning for a porno movie, and blushing women believing that their vaginas are talking. The final bit has Cools convincing his volunteers that when he shakes their hand, they will experience the most Earth-shattering orgasm of their lives. It?s a riot!

Because it?s a volunteer-based show, no two performances are the same ? it all depends on who?s in the crowd. This also makes for a fantastically diverse show ? old, young, black, white, male, female, uptight or mischievous?.you never know who?s going to get up onstage! But one thing?s for sure ? you will definitely be entertained, and you will definitely laugh yourself silly.

And if you?ve ever wanted to be in a Vegas show, here?s your chance ? when Cools calls for volunteers, grab one of the chairs onstage and hang on for the ride of your life! Don?t worry about missing the fun, either ? DVDs of each show are recorded and made available for purchase after each performance. Either way, even if you don?t realize what you?re doing at the time?your friends will never let you forget it!

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