Show Review: The Australian Bee Gees – An Unforgettable Night Of Music And Fun

by Guy Chapman

Australian Bee Gees microphone

There are few musical groups that better embody the disco charged era of the 1970?s better than the Bee Gees. The brothers Gibb (Barry, Robin, and Maurice) were most easily recognized for the era of polyester pants and John Travolta movies, but their music goes farther than that. Thanks to the tribute group Australian Bee Gees, disco is not dead. In fact, it resides well within the castle walls of the Excalibur Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

The tribute experience is led by three talented performers: Michael Clift as Barry, David Scott as Robin, and Wayne Hosking as Maurice. Their back up band (Tony Richards on bass guitar and Rick Powell on drums) rounds out the quintet providing an intimate harmony that sounds great in the smaller venue.

The music selections range from works from the earlier years of the Bee Gees, such as ?Massachusetts? and ?I Started A Joke? during the 1960?s, to medley collections of songs that the Gibbs wrote throughout their career, to the popular ?Saturday Night Fever? soundtrack. It?s a fun collection of popular, well-known hits, mixed with songs that are both for the die-hard fan, as well as intention of making new fans of all ages in the process.

The stage presence of the group is a lot of fun. Their onstage banter is funny and engaging, getting the audience involved to laugh and sing along with both the commentary and music. The performances themselves are impressive, with singing styles that do more than an accurate justice to the trademark high falsetto styles the Bee Gees were known for. And there is more than a passing visual resemblance to their inspirations. As the funky, platform shoed beats go on, audience participation is taken to a whole new level when Maurice opens up his new hotspot ?Club Mo?.

?Club Mo? is a light-hearted opportunity to let all of those ?chair dancers? in the audience a chance to really cut loose and get down. A special section of the venue (complete with club doorman) opens up to allow people to get their groove on for the rest of the night to the Bee Gees? more iconic disco themes.

For an unforgettable night of music and fun, the Australian Bee Gees Show ? A Tribute To The Bee Gees will set the mood for fans old and new with spot on performances, a likable cast, excellent music, and a fun time that will literally get guests out of their seats and into the aisles to dance. This is one show that people will remember well after the final curtain call.

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