B ? BeatleShow Tribute: Love Letter To The Music, Performers, and Legacy

by Guy Chapman

There are few places (outside of the UK) that celebrate and have as much history with the Beatles as Las Vegas does.? From some of the original hotels the Fab Four stayed in to lavish spectacles that celebrate their music, one may assume that ?Beatlemania? can be best covered by only one show.? That?s where fans of John, Paul, George and Ringo can learn that there is a lot of Beatles love to go around.

B - BeatleShow

B ? BeatleShow Tribute, which is located at the V Theater in Planet Hollywood?s Miracle Mile, is a comprehensive look at the Beatles history, starting from their initial performance on the Ed Sullivan Show to their final musical chords.? The overall tone of the show is light and fun, as Ed introduces the lads from Liverpool to the audience for their first performance.? The Beatles begin their show in their famous black suits, and with a few guitar strums, the musical journey begins.

Though impersonators, the music is real.? Every note played and drumbeat are courtesy of the performers; all live and no pre-recorded music.? Accompanying the music are pitch perfect renditions of the songs, sung and acted out with genuine gusto.? They capture the mannerisms of the group well, from John?s guitar stance to Ringo?s wide grin as he plays along to the music.

The show itself is presented in two parts: The more clean cut, pop infused early days, and then delves into their deeper, more experimental fare.? Accompanying the change in music style is the change in fashion style.? Everything from hair, uniforms (even moustaches) cycle in and out, giving a real sense of time and place to where the group was musically, and to a lesser extent the events happening at the time.? While this is primarily a Beatles performance, the moment does shift to recognize the musical legacy of John Lennon with a truly moving rendition of ?Imagine?.? It does nothing to break the tone or the flow of the show, other than to show how all encompassing and impactful their music was.? Then again, the Beatles were always bigger than themselves.

Even when the lads aren?t making jokes and having fun between sets, there are breaks in the music, ranging from dancing girls to peaceniks to a certain time-displaced secret agent.? All of it is kept in good fun, and only enhances the experience.


B ? BeatleShow Tribute is a love letter to the music, the performers and the legacy left behind by this talented group.? Exciting, occasionally moving, and always having a good time, the cast brings their enthusiasm to the crowd, and invites them to sing and dance along.? If you?re a fan, you won?t need that extra invitation to do so.

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