Show Review: Blue Man Group Begins Anew While Keeping Fan Favorites

by Guy Chapman

Blue Man Group robotic auto assembly

Now that The Blue Man Group has settled into its new home at the Monte Carlo Casino and Resort, fans of the popular blue hued trio can look forward to an all new show full of surprises and wonderful toys. During a sneak preview event during the month of November, invited guests got the chance to see these newest additions during a 45 minute version of the show.

A lot has changed since the Blue Man Group?s transition into their new venue. While some of the more established favorites were shown during the preview, there were a lot of new additions as well, and each fits well into the established style.

Blue Man Group steam tubesOne of the more outstanding additions comes from the pre-show itself. As the time passes for the show to start, two floating eyes come out to mingle high above the audience. The effect is surreal, as the parent/child eye pair bob and weave around the stage, emitting their strange sounds until the show begins.

The Blue Men have an all-new act, filled with clever gimmicks and gadgets that they play in front of, around, and sometimes inside. The titular blue headliners never fail to convey a certain sense of wonder and curiosity with every situation they encounter, to often humorous results when they go just a little too far. Everything has a musical and rhythmic feel to it, allowing people to get up out of their seats and enjoy the music. Never fear, Blue Man fans: The group?s tubed instruments still play an important part during the show, albeit with some interesting twists and assistance from a most unusual source.

Show goers who frequent the Blue Man Group can always expect a bit of a ?messy? performance. From streamers to objects to play with in the audience, the preview didn?t add to the ?goo? factor this time, but there was still plenty of audience interaction. Part of the Blue Man Group?s new promotion is the announcement of ?Now with balls?. True to form, the spherical wonders play a major part during the final act, allowing the audience to let their inner child run free during a fully interactive segment that brings the crowd out of their chairs to become part of the show.

Blue Man Group balls

The preview of the new Blue Man Group show provided an exciting sampler of what the new show offers, and the final result is entertaining and high energy. From robots to giant touch phones, musical interludes to a quirky sense of humor, this new performance has something to offer for everyone.

When it comes to all things, blue, this is one show not to miss.

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