Bodies – The Exhibition Las Vegas Uncovers Wonders You Have Never Seen

by Mark Marino

Las Vegas has never been shy about showing off the human body, but Tropicana has given their guests a lifetime opportunity to view many bodies more intimately than ever before. BODIES is an eye widening exhibit that offers a compelling way to understand the amazing and complex layers of the human machine.

Through a process of special preservation, once dead body tissue is rubberized with a silicone polymer and resurrected to a live human form. The world of inventive science and modern medicine present itself in a museum full of real bodies and parts. The entire body is dissected and reassembled for an absolutely lucid and intriguing look at everything piece by piece. Often times these specimens are completely out in the open, allowing guests to get as close as they like and stare without hesitation into the intricate structures that belong to all of us.

The exhibit is broken down into several rooms with each one dedicated to a specific bodily system. People can literally take a tour of their own skeleton, or see the normal framework of human blood vessels standing up in front of them. From the inside out, people can witness the workings of the human heart. Watch it grow strong enough to pump every drop of blood through its normal cycle every minute we are alive. How about seeing laser cut cross sections of humans sliced as thin as a pancake?

Viewers are also given unique insight into their own health by observing the physical differences between a normal organ and a corrupted one. This is perhaps best demonstrated in the respiratory room where a healthy lung is shown right beside a blackened smoker’s lung. People can actually peer into the display and see what emphysema and lung cancer look like, this is possibly the most visually effective no smoking ad ever.

Over the course of touring each room, people may find themselves amazed at how far science has taken us into understanding the mysteries of our own body. At the same time, it is equally humbling to realize how little we individuals really know about what’s under our own skin. The decisions we make about eating, drinking, and exercise play out here in a way that leaves lasting impact and encourages healthy choices for everyone.

This exhibition is both educational and entertaining with optional audio clips for different age groups. There are also several living bodies on hand to answer any questions about general health or any of the 275 specimens on display. After this viewing, any observers will be left with a fresh appreciation for every day that all these parts come together to sustain life. This exhibition is true testament to the beauty and value of our natural curiosities and admiration for the human story.

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