Show Review: Chippendales – The Gold Standard Of Male Revues

by Sarah Jane Woodall

Chippendales men in underwear

Vegas is the perfect city for a show that encourages its audience to loosen up and shed their inhibitions. The minute your plane touches down at McCarran, you already feel a little more relaxed, a little saucier ? and ready to get a little wild! It?s no wonder the city is home to so many strip clubs and risqu? revues; Vegas is all about sensory indulgence. But men aren?t the only ones catered to ? there are also a host of male striptease shows for us ladies!

The gold standard of male revues is well known: Chippendales! Few words in the English language elicit as strong a response as those three syllables. The name alone has been known to make women shriek, squeal, scream and swoon?.and seeing the guys in action has an even stronger effect! Even sweet, churchgoing grannies have been known to lose their cool and shout ?Take it off!? at the sight of this troupe of gorgeous beefcake dancers. It?s a riot!

The Chippendales revue at the Rio is a bona-fide blast ? the ultimate girls? night out. Sometimes it?s just FUN to lose your head?you know?! Bring along a girlfriend or three, and the fun increases exponentially. It?s like you feed off each others craziness! Bachelorette parties, divorce parties and birthdays are especially well-suited to this show, as it allows you and your girls to get downright primal ? no ladylike behavior here, friends. This show is all about unleashing your inner animal! Go ahead; scream and shout and yell out dirty things — you?ll feel great afterwards. In this respect, Chippendales is almost like therapy! (Besides… it?s dark in the theater; no one will know it was you!)

Chippendales with woman on stage

As far as the show itself goes, frankly, the guys could just sit up there trimming their toenails and it would still cause mass hysteria ? they?re that hot! To their credit, however, the boys don?t coast on their good looks; they actually perform some pretty nifty choreography, with amazing production values and some smoking hot dance moves thrown in for good measure. The scenes and costumes changes from theme to theme, hitting all the perennial manly-man archetypes: cowboys, military heroes, construction workers, firemen and cops. The guys also delve into the worlds of break dancing, hip hop-flavored seduction, and sexy vampires… providing a little something for virtually every taste!

None of the costumes stay on very long, though ? a few minutes, tops; before long, everything is systematically ripped off… leaving just enough to the imagination! Chippendales teases and taunts, but basically keeps it classy… there?s an unspoken wink at the end of every scene. And the elaborate stage sets, lighting and sound system keep it feeling like real entertainment, not just sleaze. Add that to the fact that the two emcees actually sing live throughout the show, and one of the guys plays guitar during many of the numbers… and you have a bona-fide production show, not just a striptease revue.

But the bottom line is… ..well, you know what the bottom line is. It?s Chippendales!! What are you waiting for? Grab your girls, get a drink… and get ready for a real Vegas experience!

Chippendales and all female audience

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