Show Review: Entertaining And Sensual, Crazy Horse Paris Is One Of A Kind

by Guy Chapman

Crazy Horse Paris Beauty Boudior

While there are a number of shows found on the Strip that focus on the naked body, there?s only one that can bring the sexiness and beauty of French burlesque to the stage. That show is the ?Crazy Horse Paris?, found at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, and one it starts, your attention will be held for the next ninety minutes.

Direct from its French homeland, this cabaret show wastes no time beginning its first number, which makes an impressive and surprising use of what initially seems to be a small stage. The stage itself is a collection of moving floors and rotating platforms, which immediately leads into a cinematic ?behind the scenes? credits sequence.

Crazy Horse Paris dancer standing on chair

What follows is a number of acts from ten beautiful dancers in a variety of performances from playful to titillating, to moments that are certain to be definite eye pleasers. The girls are classically trained in ballet, and their choreography is truly refined in their fluid grace and motion. The music is an excellent compliment as well to the onstage action as they dance to a variety of covers, from a classic Eartha Kitt number to a very subdued and very sultry version of Britney Spears? ?Toxic?. The acts themselves utilize a number of clever effects from lighting to mirrored imagery to ensure that each act is different from the last.

In between the playful acts (and the even more playful costumes that are worn by these beauties) ?Crazy Horse Paris? also provides two new ways to be entertained. To fully describe them would spoil the experience, but one offers up a pair of incredible dancers that puts the term ?pop and lock? to a whole new level, and the other presents a Michael Jackson performance artist that puts a rather? unique spin on celebrity impersonation. These two acts are quirky and creative, allowing the audience a chance to catch their breath, and to find an extra laugh.

Still, for all of its flash and stage work, ?Crazy Horse Paris?, keeps it simple, never directing too much attention away from the main appeal of the show. For those here to see beautiful women, they are certainly found here. While certainly not a performance for a general family audience, its artful tastefulness (or L?Art Du Nu) will nonetheless make for an unforgettable date night in setting an ideal and intimate experience for couples.

?Crazy Horse Paris? is a one of a kind experience to be found on the Las Vegas Strip. Few shows will simultaneously be as entertaining and sensual as what is found within this little theater, and will engage your attention as pleasurably until the final curtain fall.

Crazy Horse Paris God Save Our Bareskin

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