Show Review: David Copperfield

by Guy Chapman

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There are few entertainers that can boast the longevity and widespread appeal of master illusionist David Copperfield. His career has spanned decades with Broadway shows and Emmy winning television specials that have showcased everything from walking through the Great Wall of China to making the Statue of Liberty disappear. And now he brings that talent and wonder to reside in the Hollywood Theatre at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, in a 90-minute spectacle that will leave the audience breathless.

The show does not pull any punches in immediately engaging the show-goers from the beginning, treating the crowd to impressive feats that seem almost impossible in nature from a technical standpoint. But there is more to the show than just illusion. A storytelling element is found in several of David?s conjurations, highlighting tales from David?s youth or stories that he has been inspired by. The outcomes to these narrations are both surprising and touching. For long-time fans, there is even a highlight film of one of his more death-defying escapes.

David is very clearly in his element here, making full use of the theater?s space to highlight his work. He is never simply confined to the stage, and can literally appear in the middle of the audience without warning. Whether in the back row, or front and center to the main stage, the experience is filled with excellent viewing opportunities, and Copperfield?s interactions with the audience are good-natured and filled with a playful sense of humor.

And yet, this is not just simply David?s show. There is a large amount of audience participation involved, as Copperfield makes his way through the crowd, involving guests to join in on these feats. The results from both perspectives are entertaining, and there are even a few humorous cameos during the show via a feathery, web-footed assistant.

The one thing that is never fully explained, however, is how he accomplishes these feats. Even seated close to the stage, it feels impossible to truly understand how giant objects materialize out of thin air, objects pass through each other in improbable ways, and things float around on their own. The execution is flawless and remarkable. How are they done? Only David Copperfield knows?.

David Copperfield?s show is a remarkable production that will certainly appeal to all ages, whether the audience has children, or find themselves to still be children at heart. Whether a long-time fan, or one who is experiencing David Copperfield?s magic for the first time, this is a show that is best enjoyed with an open mind, and an active imagination.

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