Show Review: Defending The Caveman Needs No Defending

by D.W. Grant

Kevin Burke spears underwear in Defending The CavemanThis “Caveman” don?t need no defending. It?s a man?s show, with women encouraged to attend.

The Las Vegas/Broadway show, now playing at Harrah?s Comedy Club, is a hilarious evening of understanding “The Man,” his burps, scratches, sex, and beer drinking. After this show every woman will understand why men are not jerks, or #&*s, as is said vehemently at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of this show.

Kevin Burke has been soloing in this play for 10 years or more and it shows. His delivery is real and his connection to his audience is deep. More than a show, “Defending The Caveman” is like sharing a beer with your brother-in-law in his man cave. Man to man you can talk about women and scratch your loins without reproach. You can brag about your sex life, and complain about the “old woman,” knowing your boasting and whining won?t go beyond the cave walls. They won?t, unless some playwright decides he wants to make a Broadway show out of them.

It?s no wonder “Defending The Caveman” is the longest running solo play in the history of Broadway. It?s funny, irreverent, and the perfect date night show. It has also been performed all around the world, before more than 8 million people, in 30 different languages, in 45 countries.

The play?s writer, American actor and comedian Rob Becker, says the show is supposed to show that “men have emotions, but express them differently.” Indeed we do, and DTC shows them off well.

Most importantly after each show every man in attendance will be able to stand up with Kevin Burke, hoist his spear over his head, and declare “I am not a #&*s!” I did, but in much gentler words.

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