Show Review: Donny and Marie – A Lifetime Of Showbiz Honed To Perfection

by Sarah Jane Woodall

Donny and Marie perform at The Flamingo

 Donny & Marie Las Vegas

Vegas is full of has-beens who have seemingly crawled through the mists of time only to reemerge on the Strip in half-baked spectacles showcasing highlights from their long-dormant careers. I fully expected Donny and Marie Osmond to be two such performers ? I mean, how long has it been since either one of them had a hit? In the theatre, I made sure to order a stiff cocktail from the waitress, to help me get through what was sure to be an unbearably hokey show… and settled back, ready to start making snarky comments to my date.

Then Donny and Marie came on… and my socks were completely knocked off. They are fantastic!

Donny & MarieI never thought I?d be writing a review praising Donny freaking Osmond, but… he?s an amazing performer. And so is his sister! A lifetime in showbiz has honed both of their skills to perfection ? they know how to work a stage, and a crowd, until even the jaded cynics (ahem) are won over. Their energy, self-deprecating humor, and unflagging enthusiasm grab hold of you in a completely irresistible way. Within the first few moments of the show, I found myself grinning uncontrollably ? the show is that much fun.

Using a fairly elaborate stage set involving lights, props, an incredible band and a spunky troupe of dancers, Donny and Marie proceed through their entire catalog of hits, going all the way back to their early days (watching 50-something Donny croon ?Puppy Love? with charmingly self-deprecating humor is a Vegas must-see). The astonishingly versatile Marie blazes through a smoking-hot country-rock medley, then reappears moments later in an elegant gown to sing opera. There?s no genre these two can?t handle, as Donny proves later on with his hard-rocking, infectiously danceable remix of ?Soldier of Love.?

Watching Donny & Marie was one of the very few times I can remember not wanting a show to end ? it was that much fun! I came in not knowing much about either one of them ? I never watched their TV shows growing up, and didn?t know many of their songs ? but I left the theatre a newly-minted fan. Donny and Marie are pure, unadulterated fun ? classic Vegas entertainment, in the best sense of the word. And the show is safe for all ages ? the headliners adhere to their squeaky-clean images throughout, yet somehow manage to keep even hardened cynics like me entertained.
Donnie and Marie perform at The Flamingo Las Vegas
Resistance is futile! Go see Donny & Marie… you won?t regret it!

 Donny & Marie Las Vegas

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