Show Review: Evil Dead 4D: The Musical – Interactive Comedy And “Horror”

by Guy Chapman

Evil Dead Ash's hand cut off

?Evil Dead 4D: The Musical? isn?t your standard musical. Then again, it isn?t exactly your standard show on the Las Vegas Strip. But its uniqueness is what sets it apart and makes it work, being the Strip?s only production based on a movie at the only casino themed around the excitement of film: Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.

?Evil Dead? has the distinction of being the first show that started in Las Vegas on the local theater community level (The Onyx Theater) before getting its premiere on the Strip. Now calling the V Theater its home, the show sets to push its own boundaries, delighting fans of the series, and giving showgoers something they?ve never seen before.

Evil Dead Ash and cast

Based primarily on the first film (with heavy references to ?Evil Dead 2? and ?Army of Darkness?), ?Evil Dead 4D: The Musical? tells the story of five college kids that set out for a fun-filled weekend in an old abandoned cabin way out in the middle of the woods. When the kids unwittingly unleash demonic forces from the Necronomicon (an ominous Book of the Dead bound in flesh), chaos and a healthy number of song and dance routines ensue.

It?s that tongue in cheek attitude that makes this show part comedy, and part messy horror piece. And messy it is. So much so that the show promotes its own ?Splatter Zone?, a premium seating experience that allows the first few rows to be utterly doused in the production?s various gory effects that the ?Evil Dead? series is known for (Don?t worry, though: The production has perfected their formulated blood to be completely machine washable, and there?s even a souvenir T-shirt included in the experience).

It?s this level of interactivity that truly makes the audience part of the show. Characters will riff with the audience as much as they do with their undead counterparts, making each show different from the last, ensuring that the ?fourth wall? doesn?t even exist. And of course, no ?Evil Dead? experience is complete without the swaggering bravado and fast paced one-liners of its main protagonist, Ash. While Bruce Campbell?s portrayal in the films is inarguably the signature version of the character, this production makes sure that the essential goofy machismo is part of the show?s titular S-Mart employee.

Evil Dead chainsaw

?Evil Dead 4D: The Musical? is a humorous, blood spouting good time guaranteed to be unlike any other experience on the Strip. The show itself is gearing up for its 100th show by April 2013, and plans to stay around to entertain its fans until the very last Deadite is slain with a chainsaw.

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