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Fab Four Beatles Tribute Show Tickets and Reviews

Fab Four Beatles Tribute

Reviewed May, 2006 by Phil Arnold

fab four beatles show las vegas

So you are going to see a show by a band impersonating the Beatles. What do you suppose the show is going to be like? I figured it would be some guys in wigs who would play a few songs and well, that would be it.

The Fab Four is better than that. Let?s get too it. The best thing about the Fab Four, a Beatles tribute band is their sound. They sound like the Beatles, and they do a great job of playing the Beatles music. Listening to this show was like watching and listening to a musical autobiography.

The first part of the show, introduced by an Ed Sullivan impersonator, was from the early Beatle?s years. You got to see and hear Help, Hard Days Night, and I Wanna Hold Your Hand. Now when I was kid, the babysitter used to come over and play the Beatles on the radio, and wish she could go see the Beatles when they came to town. Of course back in the mid-60s the teenaged girls of America could wish to see the Beatles, and desire to see their concert, but they would never have heard the Beatles over the screams.

And so Sunday night at the V-Theater in early December, I had an advantage over the screaming masses of young girls in America in the 60?s. I could sit back and enjoy the Beatle?s music. Yes, imagine the Beatles in a club playing and playing and playing some more. Imagine getting to hear the guitars, the keyboards, the drums, the bass, and the harmony of the group. And that is what I enjoyed most about the Fab Four.

I didn?t care about an actor looking like Paul, or an actor being John Lennon exactly. No, I got to hear them sing and play. And listening to the Fab Four makes you realize that the Beatles were probably the best Rock and Roll music writers ever?with apologies to Pete Townsend.

At times the show could be hokey, as the audience stood and danced during Twist and Shout. And yes, maybe it was a little strange when the audience stood and swayed their arms left and right, singing along with Hey Jude. It was a pleasure to hear this Tribute band skillfully play the music of the Beatles. Yes, you listen to the Fab Four and you remember how good the Beatles were.

There are three phases to this show. The early years with the already mentioned songs, the middle years in which the Beatles come out dressed as Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. I think we can call this the psychedelic Beatles where they sing Get By With A Little Help From My Friends, their costume song, and Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. It was great to sit back and hear the music from one of my favorite parts of Rock and Roll history.

And then they came out in their late Beatles costumes, Abbey Road type clothes. We got to hear songs like Yesterday, Hey Jude and Revolution. This show was good enough to be my favorite show that I saw on my last trip in Las Vegas. I give The Fab a 9.0 out of a possible 10, and of all the shows I have seen in Las Vegas, probably around 50 different shows, I consider The Fab Four to be a top five Las Vegas Show. Go and see it in a club type setting like the Beatles should have been seen in.

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