Show Review: Fantasy

by Guy Chapman

Fantasy, Las Vegas, Topless, Luxor

Deep within the Luxor Casino, eager visitors looking to add a little bit of spice in their evening will not have to travel much farther than the little showroom theater that houses one of the Strip?s sexiest shows: Fantasy.

But make no mistake: Within that smaller-sized theater is allowed a level of personal intimacy to the events happening on the stage, all of which is complimented by the eye-pleasing ensemble cast that makes up this production. ?Fantasy? is here to entertain, in a very attractive, and often very witty package. And alongside all of those genuinely beautiful women that dance to a variety of sexy musical numbers and styles, is the evening?s very attractive and talented Lorena Peril.

Peril is no mere pretty face or simple hostess. While she wears a number of attention-getting outfits throughout the show, her true talent lies in her powerful singing voice. Singing a number of covers, as well as her own material, she can belt out a series of musical numbers that few can compare to. Her excellent voice is complimented by her playful attitude, which engages the audience, and allows them to have a level of participation in the show.

Fantasy, Cowgirl, Las Vegas, Topless, Luxor,

While this is a show that focuses on singing and gorgeous ladies, there is a chance to take a breather and cool down with the comedy talents of Sean E. Cooper. Sean?s act is a whole other level of the show?s entertainment. Doing a wide variety of impersonations from James Brown, Sammy Davis Jr., and a spot-on moveset of Michael Jackson, Sean has great fun interacting with the audience, delivering rapid-fire joke after joke, and keeping the crowd laughing. The humor sticks to the style of the show: A little risqu?, but never tasteless. Cooper even (literally) gets into the act by providing the rap for one of Lorena Peril?s musical numbers.

There is still more enjoyment to be had at the end of the show as the Fantasy girls welcome the chance for talking to the performers, autographs, and photo opportunities as guests leave the venue. Fans wanting one final souvenir from the event will certainly get their chance for a lasting impression.

For a unique experience unlike anywhere else, ?Fantasy? is a fantastical mix of beautiful women, powerful singing and pleasing dance moves, and an opportunity to laugh thanks to some great comedy. While it?s a fun show for a night out on the town ?with the guys?, it?s welcoming and diverse enough to make for an out of the ordinary adventure for couples as well. One thing is for certain, however: It?s an experience that one will be hard pressed to find outside of the excitement and glamor of Las Vegas.

Fantasy, Lorena Peril, Luxor

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