Show Review: George Wallace – Pure Comedy Plus Topical Content Makes You “Be Thinkin'”

by Guy Chapman

George Wallace

George Wallace has long been known as ?Mr. Las Vegas?, as his comedy act has graced the Las Vegas Strip since 2004. Headlining at the Flamingo Resort and Casino, Wallace has delighted packed houses full of fans every night with his interactive audience banter and real world observations. It is for this reason that showgoers will be guaranteed an entertaining and full evening of insightful humor that only ?The George Wallace Show? can deliver.

The pre-show begins inside the spacious Flamingo showroom with a number of clips from Wallace?s television appearances that help to set the overall tone for the show. At heart, the show is pure comedy, but the content is also topical, designed to get the audience to think about things alongside the laughter. Wallace spends a lot of his performance really getting up close and personal with the audience, wanting to know more about them and their background, and invites them to select some of the topics of his monologue. As a result, the show feels fresh and spontaneous, and he always has some relatable story.

George WallaceOne of George Wallace?s more signature dialogues is ?I be thinkin??, where he takes a moment to point out all of those little moments and sayings in life that just don?t make sense. His style of humor is largely based for a general audience, though he does like to ?push the edge? a little with some of his language and observations, making some of the comedy ?PG?, but never at the expense of the audience.

The rest of the show is spent engaging the audience to become part of the actual show. This includes finding audience members willing to perform themselves. For example, during a performance, a female minister was asked to come up to the stage and sing, in which she delivered an incredible performance that impressed not only the audience, but Wallace himself.

As the show concludes, George Wallace showcases his generosity by giving out free souvenirs and other memorabilia to a number of guests. These items range from DVDs to hats to even dinner vouchers, depending on what he has available for the evening. Showgoers who are lucky enough to receive one of these gifts can actually meet Wallace outside the showroom and get their prizes autographed.

?The George Wallace Show? is an excellent night of intelligent comedy from a very diverse and creative comedian. From Wallace?s sharp wit, his ability to make the audience part of the show, and his enormous generosity, you?ll definitely ?be thinking? long after this very recommended show is over.

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