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The George Wallace Show Gets Better

Reviewed May, 2006 by Phil Arnold

The George Wallace Show in Las Vegas has been in town for a little over two years, and it has gotten better. The show was good two years ago when I saw it, but I think Wallace is even more comfortable with Las Vegas audiences than he was before. In many ways he plays the audience like a skilled fisherman.

George Wallace las vegasHe evaluates the audience as he goes, and adjusts to the audience. If you go and see shows on back-to-back nights you are likely to see 75% different material than you did the night before. What will you see when you go see George Wallace at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino? You will see a very funny show. You know that Wallace is going to talk about “I be thinking,” how he has been observing people and situations, and he will offer some common sense, but really funny suggestions and solutions.

He will pick on some people in the audience, joking good-naturedly about audience members, often related to various professions. If you are a lawyer, or work at an airport, you might get picked on. And if you are a prison guard who is wearing an orange jump suit, you might get picked on. It is going to vary considerably from night to night. But one common ground is that George Wallace is going to be funny.

The night I saw the show, there was a gospel singer, who looked awkward coming out of the audience to sing, until she let her voice float across the big room. And the guy sitting next to me was a Rodney Dangerfield impersonator who did about five minutes of material after Wallace came down into the audience to have some more fun.

George Wallace emphasizes you never know what you are going to see at the G.W. show. It could be Frank Grata doing Rodney Dangerfield, and getting a lot of laughs, or it could be Chris Rock getting up on stage and doing 30 minutes. I think Wallace just loves the way his show varies, and the very real possibility somebody unexpected will show up at his show. In a lot of ways, I think his show is probably as old school Vegas as it gets right now because you never know who may be in the crowd, and who you as an audience member might get to see at the show.

But the main thing is Wallace is really funny, and not just to one group of people, but across cultural and age divisions. Everyone can feel comfortable with George Wallace, except when they are laughing so hard they are starting to hurt. There is another bonus about George Wallace. Yes, he really works hard to promote his show, which has been alive for over two years, when it was originally expected just to last a few months. Don’t forget your camera for the meet and greet after the show, or you can always buy a T-shirt which he is all too happy to sign.

But mainly he is an extremely friendly man on stage, somebody that almost everyone in the audience can identify with, and laugh with. In case I haven’t said very much about George Wallace and his show, let me give you this opinion. This is the best comedy show in town, bar none. This is the best late show in town of shows that only has the late show time slot. And in my opinion, the George Wallace show is the second best show in town.

If I want to go see a funny show in Vegas, this is my first choice. You never know what exactly you may see. You never know who you may hear, but one thing for sure, you know you are going to see a very funny show, and that makes this show such a great value. I rate this show a 9.5 out of a possible 10, and say check it out if you are in Las Vegas and have a chance to see it.

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