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Headlights and Tailpipes Show Tickets and Reviews

Headlights and Tailpipes

Reviewed May, 2006 by Phil Arnold

When I first heard about this show, I was thinking this is some serious double entendre. So if I read my double meanings with a sexual implication, this show should be about beautiful girls and fancy cars. In fact, it should be by its implication a topless show with a minimal amount of clothes.

I am not a huge antique car fan. So I was thinking this is going to be just another topless show. Well, it’s not just another topless show. It is certainly not your run of the mill topless show. There are in fact cars I liked in this show. There was a pre-1960 Ford Thunderbird featured during a Beach Boys tune, Fun, Fun, Fun Till Her Daddy Takes Her T-bird Away or whatever that tune is entitled. There is a song about a Pink Cadillac and several other Rock N Roll standards about cars and women. My favorite car was probably a mid-60s Pontiac GTO. There were also Corvettes and Chevy Bel Aires.

Without doubt the strength of this show is the beautiful dancers. There are ten or eleven of the most beautiful ladies you are likely to see in Las Vegas. Melania De Los Santos is one of the dancers, who came over from X-An Erotic Adventure. Meeka and Ruthe also came over from that show. That is a very strong core group of dancers to start off with. If Melania and Meeka are the lead dancers in this show, you know the quality of the overall chorus line is going to be very good.

I was sailing along enjoying the Headlights and Tailpipes, and the vintage music about cars, when a sudden change in the show nearly lost me. From out of nowhere, a former hyperspace Playboy playmate, let’s call her the Mistress, came out and sang kind of a Techno-pop song she had written. Well, I can take some Techno-pop, but I have never heard it with a vocalist. That was pretty unsettling to my musical sensibilities. And then she sang another one of her penned songs that sounded pretty similar. While I didn’t mind her taking shots at Hugh Hefner in song, it would have been nice if it sounded better. Then the next song was a long Rap song. I was ready to leave. My quota for a show is one rap song, but this followed two bad sounding songs.

What saved the show for me was a comic coming out after I was ready to leave by the name of Lonesome Dave. His wife had come out earlier, and she was somewhat funny, but not easy to understand since she was from the Dominican Republic. I thought I was going to have to put up with Lonesome Dave and his guitar doing country music, but he was really funny. So my mood was changed, and I was ready to watch the rest of the show.

Well, the rest of the show included a BMX bicycle group, which I wasn’t very enthusiastic about until they did some back flips off of ramps. I don’t know what bikes have to do with Headlights and Tailpipes, but I liked the flips. I am giving this show an 8.0 out of a possible 10. If you are under 35, don’t mind Tehcno-pop vocals and some Rap, then this is a show you will like even more than I did. I just wasn’t in the demographic. However, I am giving this show a passing grade with some reservations because the dancers are just outstanding.

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