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Reviewed April 22, 2003 by Ted Newkirk

Hypnotist shows conjure up all kinds of ideas, especially to those who have never attended one. Am I going to be put under a crazy trance? Are people going to take their clothes off? Is this some kind of mystic seance? Put those crazy notions aside and get ready to laugh and laugh and laugh when you go see Hypnolarious starring Terry Stokes. Yes, Stokes is a premier hypnotist but more importantly he is a funny guy. He’s a true entertainer. You’ll leave having enjoyed yourself.Like other hypnotist shows, volunteers are chosen from the audience. Before being hypnotized, Stokes tells them that after the show they will find their clothes neatly folded by the side of the stage after the show (just a joke, this show is PG-13 but no one gets naked).After being hypnotized ,where they are told they will be very relaxed and remember everything that happens, Stokes began to give them various suggestions that elicited hilarious responses. I don’t want to take away the fun, but you might see someone sing like their favorite music star, become amorous (or ticked off) at the person next to them, and more. You will also see his sidekick Deogee, the Chihuahua “Hypno Pup”. The laughs rarely stopped!

Since hypnotists rely on audience participation, they have to work with a new crowd every night and make the show entertaining. I saw this show twice, with two distinctly different audiences. While all shows follow somewhat of a basic format, a surprising amount of Stoke’s show was “off the cuff.” He has a marvelous ability for comedy improv and would probably be a success in any style of entertainment.

Terry Stokes has played all over the world and has a tremendous track record. However, he is new to Las Vegas and paying his dues at the small Bourbon St. Hotel, just 1/2 block off The Strip on Flamingo (you can see the Bourbon St. Hotel sign from Bellagio). The hotel isn’t much to write about, but the show is worth the short 1/2 block trek. Go check out Hypnolarious!

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