Show Review: iCandy Las Vegas – A Sexy Night On The Town

by Guy Chapman

iCandy girls twirling

When it comes to the art of burlesque, there are two things to take into consideration: Have a little bit of tease, and leave the rest to imagination. For that reason, the talented ladies of iCandy The Show at the?Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino put on a show that is both polished and sexy, while remaining true to form to the spirit of burlesque.

Located within the Saxe Theatre in the Miracle Mile Shops, the showroom treats awaiting patrons to a collection of film clips of vintage burlesque dancers (including Bettie Paige) as guests find their seats. These clips certainly give a taste of the bygone days of burlesque during its peak, and set the tone for the rest of the show.

The show itself, makes it a point to highlight both a little bit of old and new to provide a fusion of neo-burlesque. The art of burlesque, for those unfamiliar with what it is truly about, is not a full strip show, as is all too common in Vegas. Viewers will not experience nudity, but they will have an experience that is a tantalizing line of sensuality that wouldn?t be found with a mere strip show.

iCandy purple

A varied, half-dozen of incredibly beautiful girls (highlighted by featured performer Jennifer Romas) will strut their stuff during the show with an astounding array of costumes for each act, along with a male emcee that works with the girls through a number of acrobatic and choreographed events. This performance will give both men and women some true ?eye candy? as its name implies.

As a burlesque show is more than just tease, there are a number of variety style acts that break up the dancing. A few of the girls sing as they perform, to a comedy performance by the always hilarious Kathleen Dunbar. Dunbar portrays a harried stage manager and mother throughout the performance, starting her monologue with all the trials and tribulations that the girls put her through, to voicing her own eager interest in wanting to become part of the show as ?one of the girls?. It?s a fun, recurring performance that allows people to catch a much needed breather between all of the performers.

For a sexy night on the town featuring modern dance mixed with classic style seductiveness, iCandy The Show will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth for the tastefully erotic, and is a show that will leave you breathless for more.

But fear not! There is actually a ?meet and greet? as you exit the theater for photo ops with some of your favorite performers, so that your memories will last long after you?ve left Las Vegas.

iCandy 5 girls in black boots

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