Show Review: Jubilee! – A True Las Vegas Spectacle

by Guy Chapman

Jublilee showgirls

When touring the Strip?s entertainment line-up in Las Vegas, finding ?spectacle? is a pretty common thing to discover. But every so often, you encounter something a little extra. Something special that demands for you to sit up and pay attention. Donn Arden?s Jubilee! is one of those shows.

Jubilee showgirls legsJubilee! hearkens back to the days of classic Vegas, where showgirls ruled the spotlight.And for those that are fans of elaborate headdresses, feathers and glitter, you will find that in abundance here. The show is a full singing and dancing musical revue, where the girls not only perform flawless choreography on an epic scale, but the cast sings along to these elaborate numbers as well.

?Elaborate? doesn?t even begin to cover the grand scale of this production. Each number provides a top-notch cast of male and female performers, dressed to their very best in sequins and feathers. Everything is masterfully choreographed, and uses almost every corner of the theater to provide the best in entertainment. Dancers come from the sides, from behind, and even descend from the ceiling in almost every number. Even when you think that the production cannot possibly get grander in scale, the stage grows that much larger.

And Jubilee! does ?large? very well. While each number provides its own level of spectacle, there are two particular segments that go above and beyond. The first one is based on the tale of Sampson and Delilah with a constantly shifting set and elaborate special effects that wouldn?t be out of place on a movie soundstage.

The second ?big? piece is based on the ill-fated voyage of the Titanic. From the lavish interiors of the ballrooms to the final collision with the iceberg, the segment makes for a number that won?t soon be forgotten.

In addition to the dance performances and set pieces, the show has a number of other acts that add even more diversity to the evening. There are a pair of balancing acrobats that perform a number of impressive balancing feats, and aerialist that glides effortlessly across the stage, and a spinner that twirls a variety of large shapes around his body.

Jubilee red purple pink costumesRunning for over 30 years now, Jubilee! Is the type show that you would expect when picturing ?classic? Vegas entertainment. And yet these days, a show like this is also a rarity in comparison to some of the modern acts found on the Strip. While this production truly offers something for everyone, it should be noted that there is some nudity in some of the acts. It is, however, presented in a very tasteful and non-obtrusive way.

Donn Arden?s Jubilee! is a unique production that cannot be found anywhere else on the Strip. With its entertaining choreography, broad range of music, and lavish costumes and set pieces, it will provide an unforgettable evening for those who want something larger than life and twice as colorful.

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