Show Review: Kevin Burke – Mind-Blowing Comedy Brings Hilarity To Hooters

by Terri D?Richards

Kevin Burke lit match in mouth

Armed with a deck of cards, a sharp wit and a staple gun, Kevin Burke wages war on generic comedy show formats, creating his own unique hybrid style by reaching into a large bag of comedic/clairvoyant tricks in order to amuse on more than one level. The self-declared ?world?s only psychic comedian? makes good use of an intimate venue, interacting with his audience and keeping the proceedings casual.

His relaxed demeanor belies an ambitious schedule, performing ?Mind Blowing Comedy? at Hooters Hotel Casino, as well as starring in the solo comedy Defending the Caveman on the Strip at Harrah’s. Traveling between show venues might account for the oddball start time, or perhaps that?s just all part of the performer?s general off-beat sense of life.

Kevin Burke gogglesChanneling Jimmy Buffet with more bite, Burke rocks a Hawaiian shirt paired with sneakers look, as he floats freely about the stage and the room, striking up spontaneous conversations that somehow inevitably lead to punchlines. With the audience sized up and in good spirits, mentalism begins working its way into the act.

Maintaining a high level of hilarity while simultaneously performing wacky psychic gymnastics (one bit is predicated on the old Newlywed Game show!) might prove taxing for some, but Burke barely breaks a sweat — even with a potentially loaded staple gun at his throat.

As a former circus clown for Ringling Brothers and a winning contestant on American?s Funniest People, Burke clearly has the background and stamina required for a long-running (5 years and counting) comedy show on the Las Vegas Strip. It?s also no surprise that his depth of experience keeps the audience engaged and the performance fresh. Whether accessing his ?Master Kazooist? abilities or showing a more Daredevil side, audiences don?t need psychic powers to predict that they?ll enjoy this performance all the way through to the end, and maybe even return again some time.

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