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La Femme Show Tickets and Reviews

La Femme

Reviewed August 21, 2002
by Ted Newkirk
la femme crazy hourse las vegas shows mgm grandLast year, MGM put one of the final nails in the “family friendly” Las Vegas concept by closing their theme park and it is probably no coincidence Le Femme (pronounced La Fawm) opened around the same time. Unlike many Las Vegas shows which were inspired by famous productions, this is the original Crazy Horse show that has been titillating France since 1951. The name change was simply to avoid comparison with a local strip club of similar name.

The dancers are from the original troupe and meet rigorous specifications to get this prized job. You won’t see any bad boob jobs here. You won’t see any body modification, for that matter. The emphasis is on a natural, slender female form and dancers must be under 25 to be hired. La Femme is the unabashed celebration of the natural female nude.

la femme crazy hourse las vegas shows mgm grandThe show is art. Each number is choreographed and lit in a way unique to La Femme. This isn’t a peep show, nor a jiggle show. During some of the numbers, you are taken to a place in your mind where you almost forget that nearly nude females are the centerpiece. This is not a bachelor party “whoop and holler” event.

The show is also erotic. The first number “God Save Our Bareskins” puts a new twist on the changing of the guard. Numbers like “See Thru, Peek-A-Boo” and “Vestal’s Desire” highlight the sexuality just by the titles (not to mention the shimmering female figures onstage). The La Femme theatre was designed to re-create the Crazy Horse located on Avenue George V in Paris. The stage, design, fabric, colors and tabletops duplicate the original and this intimate theatre seats only patrons.

la femme crazy hourse las vegas shows mgm grandThis is an upscale presentation geared to those looking for an artistic experience, a sampling for foreign culture, and a large dose of natural female form. Must be 21 to attend. Unlike the original, this one does not feature full nudity because of local laws. However, it comes very close.

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