Show Review: Le Reve – A Rich Playground Of Action, Magic, and Drama

by Guy Chapman

Le Reve Tango

To truly appreciate ?Le Reve?, one must surrender themselves to the idea of entering a dream-like world of sight and sound that will be unlike any ?normal? entertainment experience found on the Las Vegas Strip. With lush visuals, breathtaking acrobatics, and an immersive musical soundscape, guests will find a performance that will remain with them long after they have left the theater.

Le Reve Tree

Housed within the Wynn Hotel and Casino, ?Le Reve? is a show that, while starting firmly on the ground, takes to the air and water instantly. And in many of those moments, it is likely to happen all at once. The show does not disappoint in providing spectacle. The set and its performers work as one constant and living organism. If it is not multiple performers providing a number of impressive feats all at once, it is the stage itself, rising and falling, and in many instances, transforming into a full pool of water to provide the most diverse set pieces of any show in Vegas.

The stage is set up in a ?theater in the round? style (meaning that every seat will provide an optimal viewing experience), and is truly a marvel. The layout never remains the same for very long, constantly shifting for each performance and painting a rich playground for this dreamscape fairy tale. Set pieces rise out of the water, float through the air, and seem to materialize out of nowhere for each piece, and its complexity is only complemented by the amazing performances.

Le Reve Beam of Light

The artists provide as much diversity as their stage, providing action, magic, drama, and humor through each number. There are moments that will truly impress, while other moments will actually take your breath away due to the complexity of the acrobatics. These performances are made even more incredible through utilizing the full diversity of the stage. As a viewer, one will find themselves surprised by how high above and deep below the stage offers in terms of maneuverability, and how far the artists are willing to push those boundaries.

For a performance such as this, the soundtrack can help to set and define the tone and story. It is here that ?Le Reve? finds its voice as well. Ranging from gentle and mysterious in quieter sets to pulse-pounding and frantic during the more intense numbers, the music of ?Le Reve? sets its own stage to become an integral part of the performances it accompanies, providing a narrative to the visuals.

For those who wish to find something out of the ordinary for their evening out in Las Vegas, one that provides wonder and spectacle in a lavishly creative experience, ?Le Reve? will undoubtedly delight the senses

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