Show Review: Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis – Pushing The Edge

by Sarah Jane Woodall

Marc Savard with participants on stage

The Vegas Strip offers a handful of comedy hypnosis shows, and for the most part, they all follow the same script: pull willing participants from the audience, hypnotize them into a highly suggestive state, and make them do embarrassing things ? often of a sexual nature. Marc Savard?s show at the V Theatre is one of the better-quality hypnosis shows in Vegas ? the theater and special effects are of a higher caliber than most, and Savard himself has a friendly, wholesome appeal that makes the show fun… without being too seedy. While still an 18-and-older show, it manages to keep things right on the edge of the gutter…without falling in all the way.

As with most comedy hypnosis acts, the show starts with Savard calling for an equal number of male and female volunteers to come onstage and allow themselves to be hypnotized. Now, you might consider yourself too smart to be hypnotized, but take note ? as Savard points out, the smarter you are, the more easily you CAN be put under hypnosis. As long as you aren?t pregnant or under the influence of illegal substances, you?re an excellent candidate…and the deeper under you go, the better the show will be for the audience. So, loosen up, let go your inhibitions, and volunteer. You have nothing to lose… except your dignity!

Once all the onstage seats are filled with volunteers, Savard begins the process of hypnosis, gradually weeding out the more resistant volunteers until he is left with 10-12 solidly hypnotized victims. And that?s when the fun begins:

Marc Savard gets love at his show

Over the course of the 90-minute show, Savard makes a series of ?suggestions? to his volunteer puppets that have them doing all manner of crazy, embarrassing stunts, ranging from Riverdancing to chair-humping. The volunteers themselves, being hypnotized, have no idea what?s going on… but the audience is in hysterics the entire time. For this reason, it?s best to attend a show like this with a group of friends, at least one of whom is ballsy enough to volunteer as a victim ? it will make the show that much funnier if you personally know the guy who is stripping his clothes off onstage in the mistaken belief that the temperature in the theater has suddenly risen to 100 degrees!

But even if you don?t know anyone onstage, it?s still a riot to watch these poor, blissfully unaware souls being commandeered like willing idiots…and it?s even more fun to watch their friends and significant others in the audience dying of laughter! This is a great show for people watchers, and you definitely get some great personalities onstage and in the crowd.

If you?re inclined to volunteer, don?t worry ? even though you?re under hypnosis the entire time, you?ll still be able to watch and enjoy your own crazy antics, because each show is recorded on DVD and is made available at the end of the act. You?ll be surprised at what you did up there!

And if you DO volunteer, you might be rewarded in another, very special way ? aside from embarrassing you in front of your friends and family, Savard also has the ability to convince one lucky volunteer that he or she is having the most intense orgasms of his or her life. Fun to watch…but even MORE fun to experience firsthand!

Volunteers alseep at Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis

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