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Masquerade Village Show Tickets and Reviews

Rio Masquerade Village Sky Show

Reviewed January 26, 2000 by Ted Newkirk Rio Masquerade Village Show
Although it’s been playing for the better part of two years, I’ve always seemed to miss the Masquerade Sky show when I visit the Rio. A visit to The Rio for me usually involves a trip straight up to the Voodoo Lounge with friends or to meet a client and just enjoy the spectacular sights from 51 floors up, which is generally regarded as one of the best free view of the city.
So, I braved the 58 degree cloudy, windy day Tuesday and set out to truly experience a little of The Rio. I arrived at 4 PM just in time to see the beach-themed show featuring music from the 50’s and 60’s. After that, it was on to their infamous seafood buffet (review next week) and then up to the Voodoo Lounge to watch the sunset. Then back down at before 6 PM to catch another Masquerade show.This is a production and a half for free! The multi-level stage at one end of the Masquerade casino area features live musicians as well as a number of dancers, but the entertainment extends the length of the casino with large two-level floats that ride high above the gaming area on rails. The sound is great, the dancers superb, and the floats are ablaze in light and color. In true Mardi Gras fashion, dancers on the various floats tossed out beads to the crowds both below and lined along the second floor.Rio Masquerade Village ShowWe enjoyed the first show from the ground in front of the stage, but the best place to really enjoy the floats and dancers on them is from the second floor esplanade which surrounds the casino (it has restaurants and shopping off of it). People start lining up a half hour prior to each show upstairs, but we lucked out and found the perfect viewing area: from downstairs, look across and over from the stage until you find the big Watch Zone sign. Unlike the balcony area just to it’s right (as seen from downstairs), you aren’t fighting for a view or fighting for beads with a throng of other people, but you still have a fantastic view of the stage. Get under the Watch Zone sign upstairs and you are set!

The show runs every two hours from 2 PM to Midnight (dark Wednesdays) and lasts for about 15 minutes. You can purchase a ticket to ride in one of the floats for $9.95 and become part of the show. They dress you in a costume fitting that show’s theme (there are 4 shows altogether). Might be fun, but it looks like you are pretty much belted in and I’m not sure how much you can see.

The Voodoo Lounge is a must see. It occupies one full side of the top of the hotel with about a 270 degree view of the city, including the entire Strip, airport, downtown, and more. It opens at 5 PM and I strongly suggest going early enough to be up there during sunset (which is generally early enough that you won’t fight a line). The view actually faces away from the sunset, but watching the Strip light up as dusk approaches is stunning. The trip to the top is free except for a weekend cover charge later in the evening. No suit and tie required, but wear something besides tennis shoes and have a shirt with a collar at minimum. The more busy it is, the more they appreciate nice dress.

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