Menopause The Musical – Laughing With Life’s Changes

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by Sarah Steinberg

Since March 2001, the hilarious show “Menopause The Musical” has entertained and inspired women from coast-to-coast and internationally. The work of writer Jeanie Linders, this is a 90-minute production that’s sure to tickle the funnybone. Whether you’ve been through menopause or not, “Menopause The Musical” makes for an evening you’ll never forget. The show is a celebration of women who are on the brink of, in the middle of, or who have survived the dreaded change. For our four not-so-young gals, it’s the dreadful change. We follow the trials and tribulations, mostly the trials, of four women: the business executive, the housewife from Iowa, the washed-up soap star and the middle-aged hippie.

Set in Bloomindales in New York City, no menopausal stone is left unturned in this hilarious musical. These four strangers meet in the department store, bond when they realize they’re all going through “The Change,” and become fast friends. The actress is in denial about her age and chalks her mood swings up to being part of the acting process. The businesswoman forgets what she’s supposed to talk about in the meeting she is about to lead, thanks to her menopausal brain fog. The overweight Iowa housewife hates the physical changes forced on her body and can’t fit into the skimpy lingerie she so desperately wants to buy on her first trip to New York that she hopes will put. Our Earth Mother is way too cranky to successfully meditate any more, so she eats too much and terrorizes her husband instead. The women find relief in their anti-depressants. They all pop a different pill and our hippie downs the St. John’s Wort instead.

The musical numbers are more than a treat; they are hysterical. The 28 songs are sensational and you don’t want them to end. That’s because they parody songs from the 60’s and 70’s. To the tune of “Stayin’ Alive,” our menopausal gals, in the midst of hot flashes, sing “Night Sweatin’.” Songs become stories of aging, wrinkles and plastic surgery. The refrain of “California Girls” by the Beach Boys is “I wish we could be sand and normal girls.” Songs such as “Looking for Food” instead of “Looking For Love” will make you howl.

Whether they are our mothers, sisters, or us. These four women are completely captivating and pull us in the minute they walk onstage. The female bonding of these women, strangers at first who meet at Bloomies, eventually leads them to realize there is no reason not to be happy. They are at a stage in their life where they know who they are and finally become empowered. In honor of their newfound empowerment, they belt a couple of numbers not about their husbands, but about their new battery-operated friends. The production ends with the audience being invited on stage to be part of the celebration.

“Menopause The Musical” plays at the Hilton Resort & Casino seven nights a week with matinees Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

  • Menopause The Musical Las Vegas Tickets: Call the Hilton Box Office at 800-222-5361
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