Show Review: Mystere by Cirque du Soleil – The Original Whimsical Game Changer

by Sarah Jane Woodall

Mystere cast

Vegas entertainment used to mean little more than cheesy lounge singers and spandex-clad tiger wranglers. Thankfully, the scene has since evolved to include some of the most sophisticated, breathtaking artistry in the world ? and it all started with Myst?re.

The first Cirque du Soleil production in a city now synonymous with Cirque, Myst?re was a game-changer. When the show first opened back in 1993, no one had seen anything like it ? there were no rhinestones, no showgirls, no washed-up pop stars. Just amazing music, dance and acrobatics ? and all in an ethereal, otherworldly style that was totally new to Vegas. And audiences loved it!

Mystere Bebe FrancoisMyst?re ushered in a new era of Vegas shows, and there are now several Cirque productions to choose from on the Strip. But Myst?re remains a favorite ? and with good reason. It?s pure, unadulterated Cirque… which translates to pure whimsical magic. A ventriloquist clown with a sassy, outsized puppet opens the show, followed by an enormous baby who bounces a giant rubber ball into the crowd as strange feathered creatures skitter about on the fringes. Fierce Taiko drummers pound a dramatic tattoo as magical fairy-like sprites dance about, accompanied by roly-poly clowns and a giant, translucent snail, blinking sleepily as it wanders the stage. All the while, fantastically costumed acrobats soar high above it all, making for a jaw-dropping spectacle that delights all the senses.

Myst?re is perfect for families with children ? the wacky, whimsical nature of the performers keeps young attention spans focused on the stage, and the content is solidly G-rated. Kids will find plenty to giggle about as an assortment of kooky characters invades the stage ? and the audience ? to gently tweak the sensibilities of the everyday world. And for that, adults will love it, too.

Myst?re is a non-stop 90-minute parade showcasing amazing feats of athleticism, fantastic costumes, mind-boggling stage effects and killer live music. Be sure to arrive well in advance of showtime, as the pre-show entertainment (including a bumbling, frizzy-haired ?usher?) is a real hoot. And don?t be shy ? the cast of Myst?re is all about audience participation?so don?t be surprised if you find yourself being pulled onstage to take part in the shenanigans.

If you need a break from the humdrum, everyday world?whimsical, mystical, magical Myst?re is the perfect escape. But be careful ? the show is so much fun, it just may leave you wanting to run off and join the circus!

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