Show Review: Nathan Burton – America’s Favorite Magician Amazes While Keeping The Laughter Flowing

by Terri D?Richards

Nathan Burton with showgirls

If you believe that ?comedy? magic must be lightweight then be prepared to think again after seeing Nathan Burton in action. Burton chooses to enrobe his illusions in whimsical concepts, however, the tricks are as seamless and astounding as any you?re likely to see on the Strip or elsewhere.

Many folks may already find Burton recognizable from ?America?s Got Talent? where he wowed judges and audiences alike, and E! network?s ?The Entertainer?, as well as his appearances on ?Miami Ink? and VH1?s ?Surreal Life?. The Las Vegas based magician also garnered media attention for his incredible charity fund-raiser stunt: surviving for 7 days with no food or water in a glass box suspended above the Las Vegas Strip — in true Vegas style he did include a revolving roster of showgirls in the box with him!

Nathan Burton in a straight jacket

Burton?s show definitely hits the how?d-he-do-that reflex repeatedly, while at the same time his light-hearted approach adds a refreshingly relaxed atmosphere and some genuine laughs. He keeps the ?Vegas? in the house with 3 glittering, dancing show-girls serving as his magician’s assistants. Burton also wisely chooses to round out the overall entertainment factor by adding to the bill: ?Stomp? style dancer Kendrick, Zoolander-like juggler Jeff Civillico and some really amazing guys named Chris and Stefan who perform a Cirque-worthy strong-man balancing act. Burton even pulls a few lucky audience members up on stage as well!

Offering his show at 4:00pm makes it an appealing choice for that afternoon time when one might otherwise simply be waiting for day activities to roll into nightlife. And mindful of that time-slot, Burton?s act is imminently suitable for all ages. Recently 7:00pm shows have been added Sunday-Monday and other select time periods so make sure and check the daily box office schedule. VIP level tickets entitle you to a 30 minute close-up magic pre-show.

Burton?s show ends in true big-finish fashion, which involves something smaller than an elephant, but bigger than a tiger. Go check it out for yourself!

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