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"O" by Cirque du Soleil

By Ted Newkirk
June 13, 2002

"O" by Cirque du SoleilHow do you really accurately describe the most stunning sunset you have ever seen? A majestic snowcapped series of mountains out of an airplane window on a clear day? Modern marvels such as Hoover Dam or the Golden Gate Bridge? No words do them justice. This is my challenge as I try to describe Cirque du Soleil's "O" at The Bellagio.

Las Vegas hotel visionary Steve Wynn was going to build Bellagio and was dead-set on making it the most spectacular hotel in the world. He had already partnered with Cirque du Soleil to bring the fabulously successful Mystere to his Treasure Island hotel. But Bellagio needed a show that would top what was already the most spectacular show in town. Out of that vision and desire, "O" was born.

"O" is performed on a stage that is water. A 25 foot deep, 1.5 million gallon, 100x150 ft. pool with hydraulic stage sections lets the 81 member cast alternate between standing on dry land, "walking on water," swimming, and even spectacular dives. No canned music here -- live musicians create the soundtrack. A $70 million theater gives the utmost in creature comforts from the seats to the climate (maintaining a comfortable environment despite a room focused around a body of water). And, all that attention to detail before the first performer entertains.

Be in your seat 15-20 minutes early as they suggest. We don't want to give anything away ... except to say that the warm up sets the mood for the show. Once the curtain drops, we are treated to synchronized swimming. However, this isn't the Olympics. These world class performers do it in a way to set the stage for this journey that links fire, earth, air, and water.

Cirque du Soleil is a name obviously derived from circus, and I'm not talking about the pink casino at the North end of The Strip. The next act featured twins who performed a spellbinding duo trapeze act above the pool while enveloped in the music and atmosphere of this spellbinding production. The journey continued.

Imagine if you will gymnastics performed on water. Gymnasts who spring, twist, flip and turn on an island in a remote sea, able to spring themselves into the water and then back to land again and again to display varied acrobatics. Imagine a steel framed ship high above water where aerial cradle acts and gymnastic parallel bars coming together to create a mesmerizing spectacle.

Imagine island-inspired, fire-based rituals that you may have seen on vacation in Hawaii or on television, brought to life in a slightly twisted concept, and incorporated into a human fire stunt the likes of which you may never see anywhere else. This right before your very eyes. Imagine performers entering the theater from all angles to take part in an aquatic celebration of love and life.

The depth of "O" is like that of a great movie. As spectacular as the circus-inspired performances are (far more than I've listed), and as amazing as this unique room is, this show is deeper. "O" is theatre. It has quiet moments and special characters that bring life's most intimate quirks to our attention. It has activity not just for the sake of activity, but because different people are drawn to different things. You may see an entirely different show than the person sitting next to you, but you both have seen a show to remember.

For those wondering, the show is well worth the $100-plus ticket price. If you've never splurged on an extravagance such as this one, and if you never do it again, do it just this once. You won't be disappointed. You'll probably want to go back. I know I do.

"O" by Cirque du Soleil plays at Bellagio. "O" sells out night after night, and well in advance. This is one show worth planning your entire visit around. For current times and ticket prices, please click the show link below and enter the dates of your visit to display prices and availability.

Play with different dates (the beauty of online reservations). If no tickets are available during your next visit, you can call Bellagio when you arrive and find out how to wait in the standby line. Tickets set aside for high rollers and other invited guests sometimes go unused. Please understand that standby is first come, first served with no guarantees. Your best option is to try to book well in advance (60-90 days).

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