Show Review: Recycled Percussion – “Junk” Instruments Meet Off-Beat Comic Sensibility

by Terri D?Richards

Recycled Percussion ladders and drums

With a Motley Crue meets Oscar the Grouch opening number, Recycled Percussion sets the tone for their show, blending dynamic Rock style performance, ?junk instruments? (power tools are instruments — aren?t they??) and off-beat comic sensibility. They also have no objection to letting the audience share in the enthusiasm, as ?the most interactive show on earth? makes sure everyone has their own drumstick and pot, pan or toaster to beat on throughout the proceedings. The results give a whole new meaning to ?Rocking the joint?.

Recycled Percussion began building a loyal following from its inception in the mid-90?s, pursuing a path that eventually lead to a appearance on America?s Got Talent where they became the first non-singing act ever to place in the top three. Other television appearances on The Today Show, Carson Daly and The Soup followed as the group continued on a course leading to the Las Vegas strip.

Recycled PercussionFirst taking up residency at The Tropicana and later moving over to the AGT revue show at Planet Hollywood, Recycled Percussion now makes its home at The Quad (aka the newly rebranded/remodel-in-progress Imperial Palace). The band has taken its act to another level here, adding new material and production value, not to mention? Cookie Time! This incarnation of the show also provides more insight into some of the individual personalities and background of the group.

Charismatic Recycled Percussion founder Justin Spencer keeps the controlled chaos lively and in check while also maintaining his friendly rivalry with equally energetic percussionist Ryan Vezina. Prankish DJ Todd Griffin and no-holds-barred guitarist Matt Bowman complete the foursome. Together they form a tight-knit unit, treading a circuitous line between daredevil performance artists, over-the-top Rock musicians, and slapstick comedians.

The appeal succeeds in reaching a wide cross section of audience: female fans can?t ignore the hunk factor, males respond to the Rock ?n? Roll mixed with goofiness, while Moms, Dads, and kids can?t resist the family friendly atmosphere. Where else in Vegas ? or anywhere ? can your 8 year old bang on the table and it?s okay? Heck, even Grandma might give those lovable Recycled Percussion rascals a pinch on the cheek. Just remember to bring her earplugs!

Cast of Recycled Percussion bows

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