Show Review: Rock Of Ages – Nothing But A Good Time!

by Sarah Jane Woodall

Mark Shunock and Justin Mortelliti - Credit Denise Truscello

Fire up the Aqua Net and dig out that sleeveless jean jacket ? Rock of Ages has hit Vegas, and it?s bringing the ?80s back! The latest musical to hit the Vegas strip hearkens back to the glory days of heavy metal ? the days of mascara, muscle tees and mullets. If you grew up listening to this music, you will love Rock of Ages. And if even if you didn?t… you?ll have a blast. It?s impossible to sit through this show without smiling, laughing… and singing along!

Like many so-called ?jukebox musicals,? Rock of Ages uses previously existing music to patch together a storyline ? in this case, ?80s hairband rock and power ballads, virtually every one of which you will recognize. It?s hard to believe that the music our parents warned us about has become so mainstream ? but you?ll recognize many of these tunes from commercials, movies and general pop culture ubiquity. But what?s really amazing is how well this stuff holds up ? as cheesy and dated as it is, this music still rocks!

Justin Mortelliti and Carrie St. Louis - High Enough - Credit Denise TruscelloRock of Ages? plotline is little more than an excuse to skip from one familiar anthem to the next ? boy meets girl at an L.A. rock ?n? roll club. Both have dreams of stardom, which are threatened when an evil developer plots to tear down the club to put up a Footlocker. The troops are rallied, power ballads are sung, fists are pumped and lighters are waved in the air… and everything leads to a big crazy happy ending. It?s an old-school feel-good show ? nothing too deep or artsy; just fantastically bombastic rock music, over-the-top costumes, truly inspired comedic acting and pure, unadulterated fun.

Rock of Ages is a Broadway-style two-hour show with a 7-minute intermission… .but you hardly notice the time passing, as everything is so much fun. The music is big, the hair is bigger…and the energy is GINORMOUS! Thanks to an exceptional cast, who are clearly having the time of their lives, along with an amazing live band, you?ll find yourself dancing in your seat. I challenge you to dislike this show; it?s impossible. The stage sets are impressively designed, and the entire theater has been given an ?80s makeover, with vintage signage and posters and neon lights. Even the bartenders wear ?80s rocker attire ? everyone?s in on the act!

If you?re looking for a no-holds-barred, tongue-in-cheek good time, look no further. Rock of Ages is probably the most fun you can have in Vegas with your clothes on ? your shredded denim and snakeskin clothes, that is!

Rock Of Vegas - Full Vegas Company - Credit Denise Truscello

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