Show Review: Seth Grabel – Magic With A Serious Fun Factor

by Terri D’Richards

Seth Grabel on Americas Got Talent

Is he an acrobat? Is he an illusionist? Is he a dancer? Take your pick! Seth Grabel shows us all of the above and more in his Las Vegas show. Settled in at the intimate (with super comfy seats!) Wolf Theatre at The Clarion, Grabel shows off feats of amazement and grace presented with charismatic personality and style.

The multi-faceted performer gained notoriety as a finalist on season six of ?America?s Got Talent? where he wowed audiences and judges alike with impossible escapes, grand scale illusions and acrobatic flash. Working within the confines of his current venue, Grabel makes the most of more up-close magic, such as sleight of hand and levitation. He even pulls off some nifty metamorphosis (when one person gets substituted out for another in a seemingly enclosed trunk), and other illusions.

Seith Grabel with sexy female assistants

All this combines with some surprising Cirque-like maneuvers for a unique blend of what the performer calls ?Acromagic?. And a serious fun factor is never missing from the mix. Grables engaging demeanor works for all ages making it clear he?s having a good time — and so are we!

Grabel takes delight in adding a decidedly whimsical aspect to his presentation of the requisite tricks and illusions: a little pick-pocketing gag, ventriloquism, Barbie doll comes to life. Of course, none of this showmanship would work as well without the goods.

The magic is Vegas-worthy, and it?s not difficult to imagine Grable taking his act to a larger stage in the future, where he can once again incorporate some of those grander AGT tricks. Today though, it?s worth enjoying the opportunity to view this unique show at its current residence. Most likely the experience will make you want to go back and see the performer again when he does take his act to the next level.

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