Show Review: V The Ultimate Variety Show – An Evening Of Excitement, Thrills, And Comedy

by Guy Chapman

Tamara's hoops at V - The Ultimate Variety Show

With so many shows on the Strip that focus on elaborate costumes, orchestrated musical scores and cutting edge special effects, it?s nice to see a show that really goes back to variety show foundations in covering solid entertainment in its purest form. For an evening of excitement, thrills, and comedy, show-goers will get to experience a truly fun outing in “V – The Ultimate Variety Show” at the V Theater in the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.

MC Wally Eastwood juggles at V - The Ultimate Variety Show

Hosted by juggler extraordinaire Wally Eastwood (who was featured “America?s Got Talent”), a surprisingly diverse and entertaining variety of acts take place on the theater?s intimate stage. As the MC, Eastwood performs a variety of impressive aerial object-based feats that have to be seen to be believed. And if you like classical music played on a piano, it?s highly unlikely that you?ve ever seen it performed in the way it?s showcased here. I don?t want to give away any surprises but your mouth will open in awe.

Tap dancing brothers Sean and John at V - The Ultimate Variety Show

The performance seen for this review had a variety of fantastic talent. Among the numerous highlights of the show are the tap dancing brothers Sean and John, the Russian team of Iouri and Nikoli with an amazing hand balancing act, the Aerial Expressionists, that take their performance into and over the crowd, Melinda ? The First Lady of Magic ,that will leave the crowds guessing at her mind-bending illusions, the Skating Aratas, a roller skating act that has to be seen to be believed, and the Argentinean comedy team, The Crazy Gauchos, that provides laughter through their unpredictable performance while bouncing witty banter between each other and the crowd.

Skating Aratas at V - The Ultimate Variety ShowEach new talent and team brings something new to the show, ensuring that no show is ever exactly the same, resulting in an evening that brings the best of the Vegas entertainment experience to one location while staying fresh. The show itself is family friendly, so it truly provides and all-ages type of experience that can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a “clean” show without concern of more racy elements. And for those that want a closer experience, show patrons can purchase VIP tickets that allow viewers to sit really close to the stage (and enjoy a little interaction in the show, depending on which performer needs a “victim” to participate).

“V – The Ultimate Variety Show” is a great way to spend an evening with the kids, or for someone who wants to get more of an “all in one” experience of what the Las Vegas Strip has to offer. Its diversity and accessibility make this a show that will definitely be remembered long after the final curtain call.

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