Show Review: Stripper 101 – A Light And Fun Way To Learn The Art Of Seduction

by Sarah Jane Woodall

Stripper 101 Instructor teaches class

Why should guys have all the fun? Vegas used to be known as a boys? town, a place for men to get their secret debauch on without wifey knowing what was up. Thankfully, times have changed… these days, there?s plenty of opportunity for us gals to reconnect with our wilder sides, too ? and now, there?s even a class to show you how!

Whether you and your girls are coming to town for a bachelorette party, a birthday, or just a girls? weekend out, you?ll want to make Stripper 101 a part of your trip. Ever wondered how topless dancers manage to look so enticing, while at the same time performing impossible feats of athleticism ? all in 7-inch Lucite platforms? This class lets you in on some of their secrets!

Stripper 101 students chair dancing

Though you might expect cheesy gimmickry from a class called Stripper 101, the instructors actually give you real, practical advice ? and hands-on experience! Classes are held in a small back room of the V Theater at Planet Hollywood, furnished with chairs and brass poles so that you can try out your moves like the pros do. It?s a fairly intimate setting, maybe 25 women max to a class, so everyone is assured a perfect view of the instructor, and everyone gets personalized feedback.

Far from being seedy, Stripper 101 keeps things light and fun ? there?s no nudity, and instructors are professional and friendly, using words like ?cookie? instead of more vulgar terminology. Be prepared, though ? this is a real workout! Students learn the art of giving a lap dance, with the chairs being used as imaginary recipients, and are then taught an entire pole routine, complete with airborne twirls. There?s no pressure to perform ? students are encouraged to modify the routines to fit their level of comfort and ability, if needed… and the end result is that everyone has a lot of fun.

At the end of class, everyone chooses a Stripper Name (from a list of suggested appellations, like ?Sugar? and ?Foxxy?) and gets a souvenir Stripper License to take home, thus proving to all that you have officially earned your right to wear Lucite platform heels of your own. And after all that work, you?ve also earned a refreshing cocktail at the adjacent Stripper Bar, which is entered by walking through the spread legs of a 25-foot-tall stripper statue. Stripper 101 is all in good fun ? and a great way to burn off a few of the calories from that buffet last night!

Stripper 101 girls on poles

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