Show Review: Terry Fator – Puppets And Personalities Capture The Human Spirit

by Denise Almas

Terry Fator and all his puppet characters

With his entourage of puppets, Terry Fator?s Ventriloquism in Concert captures his audience with extraordinary wit and humor, guaranteed to tickle the funny bone of even the grumpiest spectator.

Terry Fator with Winston the turtleFator starts his show by introducing us to one of his most beloved puppets ? Winston. Winston is a turtle with a seriously sweet personality. Crediting himself with Fator?s success, Winston easily wins over the audience. It is also during this first puppet?s introduction to the audience that one may wonder how Fator speaks for the puppet without ever moving his lips. His skills as a ventriloquist are unmatched. It is only by careful examination of the large screens on each side of the stage that you can barely see Fator?s neck move as he breathes voice and vitality into his characters.

Throughout the show, Fator introduces us to his cast. As all of the puppets have their own personalities and quirks, Fator proves he is not only a master at vocal impression, but a master of capturing the human spirit. In one way or another, we know all of these puppets. They are politicians, famous singers, desperate housewives, and your annoying neighbor. Because Fator is such a master at his craft, he brings these characters to life with all of their flaws, and then they seem to steal the show from him. His cast is endearing, and there is a puppet for every person.

Fator?s puppets love to sing, dance, and share some of their most intimate thoughts with the crowd. He carefully weaves music into his show, providing both a platform and a backdrop to many of his characters, including Maynard Thompkins, who impersonates Elvis. What may be the most impressive skill Fator showcases is his ability to sing hits from many artists, including Elton John and Elvis, with perfection.

Fator?s show not only attracts new audience members, but frequent fliers as well. Several audience members told me that they had seen Fator at least once before, if not more than a few times. Just before the show, one person told me he had seen Fator a year ago, and that he laughed so hard he had a headache.

Terry Fator with Crash Test Dummy characterAnother person told me that Fator?s show is constantly changing, and she has never seen the same show twice. The ever-changing nature of Fator?s show is also a testament to Fator?s immense talent. Fator weaves current events into his show. For example, his puppet, Walter T. Airdale, is a country singer running for president, and Duggie ? the annoying neighbor ? claims to have gone to college with President Obama.

Though Fator?s rise to fame was not easy, it is a direct result of a love for his craft. He has been perfecting his talent since age six, when he realized he could charm friends and family members with impressions of Bill Cosby. By age ten, he developed a keen interest in ventriloquism, and now he and his cast of characters have worked their way to the top.

If you are having difficulty choosing a show to see in Las Vegas, look no further than Terry Fator. Not only will he and his cast sing for you, but he will make you laugh until it hurts. Terry Fator is truly the total package!

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