Show Review: The 80’s Show – Light-Hearted Nostalgic Fun

by Sarah Jane Woodall

The 80's Show

If you survived the 80s, you?ll want to check out this fun, new, interactive musical at Planet Hollywood. The 80s Show is an hour-long trip back in time to everyone?s favorite decade, featuring the crazy fashions, the unforgettable dance moves, and the amazing tunes that made the 80s such a fun, memorable era. It?s like stepping into a time machine ? you?re instantly transported back to the days of parachute pants and synth-pop!

The 80's Show - The cool guy and the popular girl

The 80s Show plot revolves around the typical teenage American high school experience: the Average Girl has a crush on the Cool Guy, who only has eyes for the Popular Girl. The show follows Average Girl?s attempts to woo him away, with the help of her trusty (if not slightly nerdy) sidekicks, the Nice Guy and the Punk Chick.

Fun 80s song and dance numbers are interspersed without, and the show relies heavily on audience participation ? be careful, you will more than likely be called upon to participate onstage! If you?re shy, better have a few drinks first ? but not to worry; there is cocktail service in the theater.

All of your favorite 80s hits are revisited (and re-interpreted) over the course of the show ? you?ll more than likely know the words, and find yourself singing along. Singing along, in fact, is completely encouraged ? the cast engages the audience in just about every number, making this not just your typical show, but more of an interactive party! Everyone in the theater gets involved to some extent, and it?s a riot.

For a fun, feel-good, light-hearted evening of nostalgic laughs and jokes, check out The 80s Show. It?s a fun trip down memory lane that everyone will enjoy ? from ex-Average Girls to ex-Cool Guys? and everyone in between!

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