Show Review: The Mentalist – An Enjoyable Night Out Leaving Your Mind Amazed

by Guy Chapman

The Mentalist blindfolded

While there is always something to see in the Las Vegas Strip?s entertainment scene, it does become difficult at times to find something past all the showgirls and elaborate stage productions. Fortunately, there are some great finds on the Strip that push the boundaries of something different. Seeing ?The Mentalist? in the V Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino will have you trying to guess ?How did he do that? well past the end of the show.

Gerry McCambridge has created an evening of entertainment that is designed with full audience participation in mind, so if you have ever wanted to become part of the act, this is your opportunity. Audience members may be called up on stage, or have to answer questions presented. And if you are wondering if these are merely just ?plants?, having been required to participate in the first segment of the show, I can assure you that I was not expected to be called upon. The experience, however, was entertaining, and despite my intended cleverness, I did not outsmart his mental prowess.

The Mentalist - Gerry McCambridgeThe show starts at a casual pace, from predicting the number shown on a participant?s dice, showing the precognition to plot out an audience member?s chosen number, to more extreme feats, each segment had you guessing. It?s an interesting process, watching McCambridge read people, and working to calculate their answers before they are even spoken aloud or shown to anyone. There are things that McCambridge simply could not have been able to know, much less guess, but his level of intuition proved nothing short of remarkable.

As the end of the act drew closer, the intensity of the acts grew. No longer content to simply reading numbers or names, ?The Mentalist? went more into the physical. One of the final acts involves a lot of blind faith, trust in the unknown, and a performance that is certain to have most, if not all, show goers on the edge of their seat until the conclusion of the piece. It is one act that will definitely stand out in your mind, and shows how in control of the situation McCambridge is.

The conclusion of the act is lighter in tone, and gets the audience really into the show. If you are a fan of ?lucky numbers?, this is definitely a moment that you?ll enjoy taking part in.

?The Mentalist? is a great time with a very talented performer. It?s the type of show that you can?t focus on the behind the scenes ?hows? and ?whys? as McCambridge will be moving on to the next segment as you are left scratching your head. But it?s an excellent evening out with a very talented performer (who does a very nice meet and greet at the end of the show), and is guaranteed for an enjoyable night out.

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