Show Review: Thunder From Down Under – These Athletic Guys Are Actually Enjoying Themselves

by Sarah Jane Woodall

Thunder From Down Under Jesse Shelley

So you?re coming to Vegas for your bachelorette party. Or birthday, or divorce… or just a girls? weekend away. You want to drink, party… and ogle hot beefcake. Where do you go?

There are several options for the frisky female on the Vegas Strip, but if you only see one male revue, make it Thunder From Down Under. Other revues may offer cheaper tickets or more well-established names, but take it from someone who has seen them all ? the best bang for your buck is Thunder, hands down!

Thunder From Down Under is a crew of ripped Australian hardbodies, straight out of your wildest Harlequin Romance-fueled dreams. I?m not sure what?s in the water down there, but they sure do breed some mighty fine specimens! Washboard abs, tight buns, gleaming smiles… these guys have it all. And they?re not afraid to use it!

Thunder From Down Under Adam HughesAt first glance, the show isn?t much different from other revues ? the boys come out in various manly-man getups ranging from cowboy to fireman to gangster, then dance to the exact same songs used in every male revue show on Earth. The difference here is that these guys actually look like they?re enjoying themselves! Instead of parading around the stage like hot half-naked robots, these boys are winking at the crowd, joking with each other, and grinning ear-to-ear the entire time ? as if they are having the time of their lives. Seven nights a week!

Another thing that sets Thunder apart from the pack is their athleticism ? they don?t just prance around shaking their moneymakers; they actually dance. And do backflips. And jump on trampolines. I mean, come on ? is there anything hotter than a bouncing hunk flying through the air? It?s a bird… it?s a plane… it?s a red-hot Aussie!!

Yet another thing that elevates this show to must-see status is the emcee, Marcus. Instead of just a second-rate comedian with a mic and a big shtick, he?s actually really funny. The humor in this show is definitely off-color and more than a little edgy… but it?s hilarious! And it?s all in good fun ? he makes sure everyone in the house is having a fantastic time. To that end, there?s a good bit of audience participation… and yes, the guys do come out into the crowd several times throughout the show.

Clocking in at just over an hour, Thunder went by way too fast for my taste. I could have watched those guys for a month! But it was an action-packed hour, with never a dull moment. From the costumes to the music to the staging to the amazing energy of the performers, every single aspect of this show was top-notch. Seeing Thunder is like riding a rollercoaster ? it?s exhilarating, it sweeps you off your feet, and it has you screaming like a lunatic the entire time.

(And in case you?re wondering… my favorite was Matthew Fardell. That thing he did with the beer bottle and the towel around his waist? I?m still having dreams about it!)

Thunder From Down Under Matthew Fardell

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