Show Review: Pageantry, Fireworks, And Knights On Horseback – Tournament of Kings

by Terri D?Richards

Seven Kings of Tournament Of Kings

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! ? come one, come all to “Tournament of Kings” at the Excalibur — a throwback to the more themed era on the Las Vegas Strip. While newer properties have abandoned the Disney-like themes of their predecessors, and many of those existing previously have re-branded themselves, the Excalibur Hotel Casino retains its full on Medieval fantasy motif.

Jousting at Tournament Of KingsHoused in the dungeon level, TOK makes the perfect entertainment choice in keeping with King Arthur?s Roundtable theme. And speaking of Las Vegas in era?s past, folks don?t seem to tire of what?s arguably one of the last and best food/entertainment deals on the Strip. For less than the price of one ticket to many large-scale Vegas shows, TOK offers a complete, guaranteed-to-satisfy-your-belly meal served true to the period (this means no utensils) and full-length 75-minute show.

Midriff bearing dancing girls, shirtless muscle men and dazzling pyrotechnics represent the sort of show elements most visitors to Las Vegas expect from the self-proclaimed Entertainment Capital of the World. The aforementioned all make an appearance in the long-running Tournament of Kings dinner show (surprised?!) along with King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table jousting, feasting and merry-making.

On a recent Friday night, the 900-seat amphitheater was filled with spectators, some families with children, but just as many adults, several even decked out in period costume to fully immerse themselves in the interactive experience. The theatre seating is divided into sections. Throughout the various stages of the tournament, each section roots for the knight from the country matching their seating designation. There isn?t a bad seat in the house, and the audience members receive a brief instructional session from Merlin the Magician on the medieval style cheering methods used throughout the performance.

Mordred of Tournament Of Kings

The show features drum pageantry, dancing, singing, fireworks and knights on horseback competing in a variety of events. Adding to the drama, the evil Mordred and his dark knights invade the festivities kicking off an epic battle between good and evil. For an evening of food, fun and entertainment lets all raise our tankards to this tried and true Las Vegas staple, “Hear! Hear!”

Coronation at Tournament Of Kings

All Photos by Erik Kabik

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