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Reviewed September 24, 2001 by Ted Newkirk

Las Vegas is home to some of the greatest entertainment on earth, and because of that many great entertainers and entertainment groups make their home here. Many work in the shows, but what do the rest of them do all the time? Many do well performing private corporate events or home base out of here while spending time on the road. Producer David Saxe found himself in an interesting situation lately. He had produced Melinda – The First Lady of Magic at The Venetian for the past few years and Melinda recently retired to start a family after a long successful career.

Having been a successful Las Vegas show producer, he was familiar with all of the great acts around town and a light bulb went off: Why not bring Las Vegas a show full of cream of the crop acts for an entire show?

A recent visit shows he succeeded. If you have been to any Las Vegas shows, you know that almost every show has a few lulls here and there. Not this one! Here was the lineup the night we were there:

Michael Holly – Emcee and comedy juggler and funny, funny, funny! He got us revved up, involved, and laughing. Later, he returned to do an audience mind-reading trick that still has us wondering “how did he do that?”?
Nathan Burton & Sarah – These comedy magicians have toured the world and do a new twist on the “crush the sexy woman in a box” routine.?
Russ Merlin – will make you talk. Kind of. He takes four audience volunteers up on stage, places Halloween masks on them, and runs through a routine that is funny every time I see it. (I have seen some of these acts before in the course of reviewing other shows in town).
Aerial Expressions – This adagio (flying aerial strap) act performed incredible muscular strength feats swinging high in the air and over the heads of the audience. A true spectacle.?
New Dynasty Acrobats – These visual arts and Chinese poll acrobats were amazing. If you have not seen Cirque du Soleil shows (or it is out of your budget), this will give you a taste. These amazing acrobats climb and spring between polls high in the air as well as great ground routines.?
Fusion Riders – Ever seen those motorcycle riders who ride in a “globe of death” on TV? Take three guys on dirt bikes and put them in a (relatively small) steel globe. Have them ride in circles around and around and upside down, all going different directions and never hitting each other. They move so fast your eye can barely follow it. Amazing.

I must note that the show changes nightly but we were there on a Tuesday (usually considered an off night for shows), showing a strong commitment to a solid lineup every single night and many of the above acts are regulars. Don’t go because you want to see one of these particular acts. Go because you will see an entire show of the best entertainers in the “Entertainment Capital of the World.”

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