Show Review: Vegas! The Show – Step Back In Time To Real Entertainment

by DW Grant

From the Neon Grave Yard to The Copa Room to The Planet Hollywood, Vegas! The Show delivers Las Vegas the way it should be.

The Neon Graveyard of Vegas The Show

Vegas! The Show begins appropriately in the Neon Grave Yard and is introduced by Ernie, the janitor, played by the musical?s best performer, Eric Jordan Young, rightly called by the critics ?a one man force of nature? and an ?outsized talent.? He is definitely more than a force and has the talent to carry this show to its conclusion.

The Copa Room lounge of Vegas The Show

Ernie conjures up the ghosts of showgirls, dealers, maids, ma?tre d’s, and dancers, who lead us through the program and eventually cause us to stand on our feet in ovation. From the Neon Grave Yard to cheeky lounges, like the Copa Room, and gaudy stages, we travel from the 40s to the present. Along the way we visit a lot of the acts and sing along to some of the great songs that made Las Vegas the paradise it has become.

A live 12 piece band backs up Elvis, The Rat Pack, Dino and Jerry, Wayne Newton, Lena Horne, and even Louie Prima and Tom Jones, to mention just a few of the greatest ones. Another great thing here is that the performers are not imitators so such much as attributors, singing the music as it would have been sung, but not trying to exactly be the performers themselves.

Ernie as Sammy Davis Jr with Rat Pack of Vegas The Show

Along the way Eric Jordon Young morphs from Ernie to Sammy Davis Jr., giving the performance of the evening as the great singer and dancer. Obviously this marvelous tribute benefits from Eric?s earlier show ?Sammy and Me,? played at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. He is Sammy, no doubt. Eric also plays a black Sonny to a very white Cher, Jerry Lewis, and even Elton John in the final sequence.

The best stage acts of the evening include Professor Wacko and his hilarious trampoline act and the Sandou Trio, reprising the thrilling balance bar act they performed all the way to the semi-finals in the 2011 season of ?America?s Got Talent.?

Though the main cast is set for each show, other performers and acts may change from show to show. Producer David Saxe has declared that he will be changing them up from time to time to keep the production fresh. So if you saw this show more than six months ago it may be worth going back for another ticket.

The show ends with Ernie, back again as the janitor, eulogizing ?Someday we?ll all be memories too and hopefully there will be someone like me to remind them of you.?

The cast of Vegas The Show

Well, we?ll remember you Ernie and because of your show and we?ll remember why there?s an exclamation point after the word Vegas!

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