Show Review: Vinnie Favorito: No Scripts, Censors, Or Sacred Cows – Just Pure Laughter

by Sarah Jane Woodall

Vinnie Favorito

Some comedians play Vegas for years, using the same material night after night, adding a joke here and there to keep up with the news, but basically working the same stale shtick. Not so with Flamingo funnyman Vinnie Favorito!

Vinnie Favorito belongs to that special class of comic that relies on totally unscripted improvisation ? so no two shows are ever the same. His material? You! In the time-honored tradition of Don Rickles, Favorito makes the audience his subject, and spends the entire hour-plus riffing on the idiosyncrasies of the crowd ? to hilarious effect.

Vinnie FavoritoIf you?re easily offended, or overly politically correct, be advised ? there are no sacred cows in Vinnie Favorito?s playbook! He takes on every racial stereotype, no matter how cringe-worthy, and before you know it has the entire room rocking with laughter. But his jokes aren?t limited to race ? he also lights into people based on their age, religion and physical appearance. And the laughter is only intensified by his ?Oh my gosh did he just SAY that?!? brand of humor.

With that in mind, if you?re particularly shy and retiring, you might want to find a seat in the back of the room, to protect yourself from Favorito?s roaming eye. But even those in the very back are at risk ? so beware! Vinnie mines the entire room for comedy gold – and no one is safe!

But the show is all in good fun, and never crosses the line into cruelty. It?s all just good-natured ribbing… albeit scathingly witty! Favorito also takes many a jab at himself, mocking his own Goombah persona with self-deprecating jokes, as if to demonstrate that we are ALL equally ridiculous.

The belly-laughs speak for themselves ? in this day and age of careful politically correct language and behavior, it?s downright therapeutic for a room full of strangers to let down their hair and just laugh at the world. Black, white, old, young, gay or straight… Vinnie doesn?t care; he finds it ALL funny, and reminds us all not to take ourselves so seriously that we miss out in the humor of everyday life!

And that?s something we could all use a refresher course in!

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