Show Review: X Burlesque – The Nights Remain Hot At The Flamingo

by Guy Chapman

X Burlesque girl swings on pole

Las Vegas is known for having some of the most beautiful women in entertainment. From dance, to performance, to something a little more sensual and exotic, there is always something to see on stage. There is one show on the Strip that combines all of these elements into one package, providing a new and exciting experience for every nightly audience. Celebrating its 10th anniversary on the Strip this year, X Burlesque at the Flamingo Las Vegas brings performances that will leave very little to the imagination (or perhaps create more).

X BurlesqueX Burlesque is very much an ?adult? oriented show, as it is a topless revue. The women that come out to entertain for the evening are nothing short of gorgeous, and definitely put on a show that is very diverse and exciting.

For a smaller stage venue, X Burlesque definitely makes use of what it has. The set pieces and performances shift from one scene to the next in order to ensure that no two sets are alike. The sets, props, and even the lighting all come together to create a different fantasy, as the performers make full use of the stage, even coming down into the audience for some playfulness.

A show is only as good as its music, and the song choices for this production are excellent. The music choices blend both modern and classic styles, ranging from classic burlesque style, to country, to rock, and there are even a few Led Zeppelin songs thrown into the mix to keep the energy high.

X Burlesque girl in big champagne glassThere is a break between acts that features comedienne Nancy Ryan. Nancy?s delivery not only talks about herself (Interesting fact: She was a figure skater at one point), but is also very interactive, meaning that if you?re in one of the front rows, there?s a good chance that you?ll become part of the show as well.

The second act of the show continues as fiercely as the first one, with an impressive performance using little else but bungee cords. The girls continue to please the crowd with their sensual teasings, and their inviting flirtations will hold your attention until the final curtain.

X Burlesque is a recommended show for fans of music, dance, and beautiful women that wear very little during their performances. Once the show is over, there is even an opportunity to have a picture taken with some of the ladies, which will definitely make for a lasting and memorable souvenir. Summer may be ending, but the nights remain hot at the Flamingo Las Vegas.

X Burlesque sexy girl thong purple light

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