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X Girls The Show

Reviewed December, 2004by Phil Arnold

A Covered X is Better Than No X at All

When I heard that X-An Erotic Adventure was covered because of zoning regulations at the V-Theater in the Desert Passage, I was not a happy camper. Now that I have seen the show I think the show being covered dulls some of the sexual edge off the show. But the depth of the beautiful dance cast, and an amazing acrobatic scene by Ylaina compensates for that loss.

In fact, this cast of dancers is so deep it is amazing, better than it was when they left Vegas over a year ago. X now has one of the hottest showgirls in Las Vegas in its cast with Melania. One of my all time favorite sexy numbers in X is Kid Rock’s “Wanna Be a Cowboy.” Just before I heard the music start up; I imagined how hot Melania would look in this number.

And there she was, hotter than I imagined. Another scene I have never really liked or understood was what I call the upside down legs scene. This time, behind the upside down legs was three absolutely gorgeous dancers, Melania, Roberta, and Shakira. When you have three beauties like that behind the legs, being framed by the legs, who needs to understand anything except you are looking at three extremely beautiful, almost topless ladies. Shakira is also a new dancer, and part of the visual depth of the cast.

The covering on the girls is X-shaped pasties covering just a little of their breasts. Now I don’t like it at all. But seeing Roberta, Michelle, Melania, Shakira, Christy, and Catherine on stage dancing in their sensual way is better than any other show in Vegas in my opinion. Now if they can only get the authorities to let X fully push the envelope of visual sexuality as far as they could, I would be an extremely happy camper. Ylaina doing her acrobatic interpretation on long black silk curtains is breathtaking at times, and worth a serious note of congratulation. So even while a local ordinance is limiting the show, it is still worth the ticket price.

I will not reduce my rating of this show. I am giving it a ten. But realize that X could be even better if the local authorities in Sin City get off their Puritanical hands and let this show be what it was meant to be. By the way, bring your cameras for photo ops after the show like I do. I am not saying that Roberta will come out of the dressing room to give you a hug, but if any one or two of the dancing cast makes a picture with you, it will be a very good picture.

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