Show Review: Zumanity – Cirque Du Soleil’s Edgy And Sexual Side

by Sarah Jane Woodall

Zumanity dancers

Ever since the first showgirl bared her breasts at the Dunes in 1957, Vegas has been America?s go-to titillation destination. Over the decades the city has hosted countless adult-themed shows, ranging from the merely risqu? to the downright tawdry ? and in modern times, even seedy.

But now that we?ve evolved into a world-class entertainment capital with five-star restaurants and high-end shopping, even the adult entertainment has stepped up a notch. Sure, you can still wallow in lowbrow cheese… but for those who prefer an adult experience with class, now there?s an elegant option.

Zumanity is one of a number of Cirque du Soleil productions currently playing on the Strip, but it sets itself apart from its competition by appealing to the naughty side of the typical tourist.

Zumanity Willie Bronco

As with all Cirque shows, Zumanity features amazing acrobatics and mind-boggling feats of athleticism… but with an erotic edge. Topless gymnasts flirt and kiss while swimming in a giant martini glass. A beefcake stud in a cowboy hat does an erotic striptease while throwing roses out into the crowd. A leather-clad dominatrix cracks her whip at a half-naked satyr as he backflips fiercely around a furiously dancing African princess.

Zumanity is edgy and sensual, but also pokes fun while exploring the spectrum of sexual appetites. Two obese twin sisters in French maid outfits smother lucky audience members between their voluptuous bodies, while a leering contortionist pulls his ankles behind his head and wags his tongue in the area of his groin. A chubby, jovial suburban swinger couples demonstrates the art of making breast implants out of plastic bags full of scotch. Two dueling hardbodies perform a violent tango, ending with a homoerotic kiss. And the entire bizarre sexual circus is presided over by a statuesque, sharp-tongued drag queen emcee who is only too happy to mess with staid members of the audience.

Despite its sometimes humorous approach, Zumanity is at heart a romantic show, ideal for couples and lovers and anyone celebrating date night. The mild homoerotic content makes it less ideal for bachelor parties and buddy outings, as the emcee will mercilessly tease any male twosomes in the crowd. But if you?re comfortable with your sexuality, or interested in pushing the boundaries a little… Zumanity is the perfect way to explore human sexuality with style, elegance…and a hint of cheekiness.

Zumanity Katerina and Valerii

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